How An All-In-One App Skyrockets In-app Engagement For 130K+ Users With MirrorFly

Published On July 27th, 2023 Engineering

The sheer grit to be the user’s go-to app for everything under the sun galvanized our client, into the creation of a trailblazing multi-purpose app, by and large.

Be it texting someone, making video calls at work, grocery stores or elsewhere, indulging in social media, entertainment, booking rides etc, the new-age app offers all of that and much more under its blanket.      

Seems like a fair establishment for data breaches? 

Well, the good news here is that they follow an 100% privacy model with no room for 3rd party ads & promotion, aiding a safe digital ecosystem for modern firms, enterprises and consumers.

In their stride to creating a private and uninterrupted digital experience for their ginormous, active community of 130K+ users, they needed an accomplice – a good one, indeed to help them achieve in-app conversational excellence across all fronts.  

The challenge: Agile development of In-App Chat 

Just as their subscriber volume grew, so have their expectations and demands for a seamless native communication experience mushroomed within no time.

Particularly, the diverse cross-functional channels catered by the client ushered them into the process of adding interactive capabilities on their apps in an agile manner.

With their tried-and-tested development reaching a standstill beside the lack of expert support made things a lot more challenging & in order to ameliorate user relationships sooner or later, they needed a modern suite that caters better in-app chat experiences from the offset.

Solution: Aiding a rich Chat Experience, the Zero-disruption way!

As a forward-thinking brand committed to serving its users in the best way possible, empowering proactive chat, voice and video interactions across their expansive establishments was their key goal.

And in view of making this a reality, the client resorted to MirrorFly to get going with an out-of-the-box conversational outlook in one go.

A holistic chat solution for life-like services

Our client’s app, in its core, fosters a digital hub that bridges the gap between consumers and variegated service providers within their close-knit ecosystem; secondly, as an all-purpose system, the need for an effective, structured internal communication was long overdue.

In light of their USP, the ideal blend of our free real-time chat API & SDK infrastructure alongside standard messaging libraries, docs and tech support resulted in the integration of chat and calling features into the client’s apps at an effortless pace.

Ensuing the plight of these integrations, establishing life-like chat, audio and video interactions in the events of their varied offerings specifically

  1. personal and one-on-one communication, 
  2. interactions with local businesses for grocery shopping 
  3. conversations related to cab and auto bookings with drivers
  4. streamlining communication on enterprises, workplace 

has become much more user-friendly and easy-going.

In essence, the seamless implementations, enhanced agility and the adept channels of personalized, contextual messaging upped their in-app engagement quotient for better results across board. 

Fostering reliability across millions of users

In the wake of our client’s robust demands in enabling a SAFE and RELIABLE digital ecosystem, conscious efforts were made to fortify the conversational integrity of in-app users, via steadfast security measures like end-to-end encryption, network protocols & firewall etc. 

And to further their security edge, a thorough penetration assessment was conducted to fix bugs if any on all platforms (Android, iOS and web), eventually to ward off breaches and pre-empt future anomalies on the application as well as the infrastructural standpoint.

Moreover, given their hell-bent drive towards protecting data from internet giants, the client opted for on-premise hosting of the in-app chat offerings in lieu of enhanced privacy all along.

Enabling data resiliency through backup & restore

Being an all-purpose system wholly dependent on in-app interactions within their wide spectrum of services, guarding data from disasters viz losses, accidental deletions, errors and other misoccurences, recovering them in event of one was a pressing responsibility for the client.

Taking into consideration the gravitas of this underlying apprehension, our team pooled their innate expertise in creating a resilient system that warrants secure backup and restore of all native messaging experiences on their iOS and Android apps quite effortlessly.

All thanks to this common, fault-tolerant recovery setup, the brand ever since took advantage of this purposeful initiative upon their commission-free digital hub for guaranteed DR(Disaster Recovery) options and fast impact.

Result: A whole new level of In-App User Engagement

Safe to say that with MirrorFly, the brand has refurbished their all purpose system to encompass native chat, voice and video calling capabilities and soon enabled a one-stop conversational aid for their snowballing new-gen users.

By dint of the avant garde messaging features incorporated into their app (in less than an half-hour) – the brand’s challenges of effective chat implementation, augmented user experience (UX) and engagement were greatly addressed with utmost precision.

In effect of the whole new level of engagement fuelled by powerful messaging experiences, the brand outshines in a cutthroat digital race where UX is the true battleground and is now keen to stay on top of all things in-app communication for a connected future ahead.

Gomathi Ramachandran

Gomathi is a product marketing buff, who is passionate about bringing meaningful strategies and approaches that redefines the modern messaging experience for users. She loves exploring the world of in-app communication with all of her heart.

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