10 Reasons Why MirrorFly Is the Best Real-Time Communication Solution

Published On October 26th, 2023 Product News & Updates

The right act of communication can move mountains in a business. From managing workforce to client engagement, from lead generation to closing deals, communication bridges every gap that needs to be filled within and outside an organization. Now you may wonder that your enterprise is already functioning great with emails and phone conversations. But, remember that, with newer firms and startups budding like never before, it’s high time your business stands out from the crowd by adopting newer technologies and communication channels for effective functioning.

This is where the concept of real-time communication/live chat comes into the picture. Real time messaging facilitates less queueing time, faster TATs, ease of multitasking, effortless remote team operation, and secure communication. 

Be it education, healthcare, finance, or social platforms, the integration of live chat can ramp up the business performance and user engagement without a doubt. In a nutshell, this is what CONTUS MirrorFly is all about. Being easily integratable across various platforms, it offers customized real time chat API solution for

Now let’s skip being generic and rather explore 10 of the gleaming highlights that detail why an enterprise should pick CONTUS MirrorFly over other real-time messaging platforms

1. Fully Customizable 

Businesses are extremely careful when it comes to maintaining brand identity. CONTUS MirrorFly ensures the messaging platform it provides is modifiable on all fronts with space for customization being 100%. Moreover, it is a white-label solution and hence, there never arises a need for businesses to be worried about losing their brand recognition. Tailor your communication platform by inputting your thoughts to build a user interface that would boost up the brand be it while texting, voice calling, or video calling.

2. Two Different Hosting Options (On-Premises/ On-Cloud)

The best part about a business opting for CONTUS MirrorFly’s messaging APIs and SDKs is that it gets the luxury of choosing one among two different hosting options. An enterprise can either pick a ‘dedicated hosting server’ which is nothing but cloud or host its real time communication within the walls of the organization by opting for ‘on-premise infrastructure’ wherein the complete control of the setup lies with the businesses themselves. 

3. Highly Scalable Infrastructure & Performance

It is great that you started small, but, it’s time you THINK BIG! This is why CONTUS MirrorFly makes it a point to build scalable APIs so that the live chat application accommodates large chat volume/ extensive user logins. It minimizes message queueing and maximizes the transmission of high volume files, thus eliminating lag and handling more requests at a given point in time. 

4. Multifaceted Chat Infrastructure

Gone are the days when chat applications were designed for mere one-to-one text conversations. This is the age of bitcoins and self-driving cars, do these basic functionalities still suffice? CONTUS MirrorFly’s communication solution for mobile and web apps are architected in such a way as to enrich your real time messaging application with modern features.

5. Ironclad Security Features

Privacy is the key to building a successful messaging application. Especially in industries like banking/ insurance where sensitive data is shared, there should be no room for a data breach. Keeping this in mind, CONTUS MirrorFly has tightened its security measures by inculcating end-to-end encryption of messages, photos, video files that are being shared over the platform through Signal Protocol. Similarly, personal health information, medical reports, etc are encrypted when it comes to building communication applications for healthcare. 

6. Supports Multiple Devices 

According to Statista, there are 3.5 billion smartphone users around the world. So building a real-time messaging app for mobile users is extremely paramount. But, from an enterprise perspective, building a messaging app for merely mobile devices isn’t that great of a decision to make. CONTUS MirrorFly allows users to access the business’ chat application from any device, be it web, mobile, or Tablet. Moreover, since its APIs and SDKs are easily integratable with both Android and iOS devices, the user base would be considerably large.

best communication solution for iOS, Android & web platform

7. One-Time License Cost

Subscription billing and one-time license fee are two ways a business can purchase APIs and SDKs from a solution provider. While monthly/ yearly subscription cycles can be strenuous, paying a one-time license fee benefits the organization in more than one way. CONTUS MirrorFly’s real time communication platform is based on the latter and hence, the business can have complete control over the application once purchased rather than making monthly payments. Any customization of the application is under the scope of the business that owns it.

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8. White-label Chat Solution

CONTUS MirrorFly is a white label chat solution and hence could be adopted by various industries for a number of use case scenarios. This feature makes it easy for businesses, both startups, and enterprises, to brand their real-time application while being supported by the provider. Hence, cost-wise it is highly beneficial for businesses as they needn’t spend on branding and rebranding their application across various platforms and devices.

9. Personalized Setup Across Industries

Live chat options have become an important aspect of every business that wants to make it big in the industry. The diversity of CONTUS MirrorFly’s real time communication APIs and SDKs solution make them build personalized messaging applications that are industry-specific pertaining to 40+ use case scenarios.  With over 1 billion conversations relayed across Web and mobile platforms , it is a trusted partner for chat API service across a wide range of sectors like

40+ Digital communication app Industries for Healthcare, Education & On-demand Business
Digital Healthcare 1. Practitioner-Patient Communication
2. Sharing Medical/Diagnostic Reports
3. Internal Staff Coordination
Online Elearning Sectors1. Online Tutoring
2. Teacher-Student Interactions
3. Webinars & Video Conferencing
Social Platfroms & Communites1. Userbase Expansion
2. Amplified User Engagement
3. Chat Rooms
4. Group Chats (Text, Voice, Video)
Finance & Banking Sectors1. Agent-Customer Interaction
2. Exchange of Sensitive Data
Support Teams1. Help Desk
2. Virtual On-Boarding & Recruitment
Online Gaming Industry1. In App Communication
2. Gaming Community & Group Chats

10. Expert Team of Technical Architects

The strength of CONTUS MirrorFly is its team of 250+ technical architects who assist businesses with design, development, deployment, launch, and after-sales support of their real-time messaging applications. Along with building a robust and secure communication infrastructure, MirrorFly experts also closely collaborate with the business owners/ developers to deliver a product that ranks high on performance and speaks for the brand.

CONTUS MirrorFly takes pride in assisting the world’s leading brands such as ICICI, TrueID, TravelSquare, CellCard, and many others build high-performing real-time messaging applications that in turn amplify user engagement and revenue. Simply contact our expert team for demo, pricing, and other details in regard to creating an engaging and enthralling communication solution for all your business needs.

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