Trends & Statistics That Prove Integrating Realtime Chat Can Boost Business

Published On December 19th, 2022 Insights

In a survey conducted by Harvard Business Review, 40% of respondents stated that customer experience is their top priority for digital transformation – which can be achieved by bridging communication gaps and reducing response time.

“72% of respondents in the survey also claimed that digitalization through realtime chat offers new opportunities to ensure better relationships with customers”.

Another study conducted by Drift said that businesses that did not use realtime chat applications lost several potential customers. The study also noted that response times impactes a lead generation eventually, decline in the sales ratio.

So, if you are willing to improve customers’ relationships, invest time and resources into technology that enhances customer experience and boosts business.

Evolution of Realtime Messaging Systems:

Chat Evolution

Realtime or instant messaging was introduced in the late 19th century. However, it made its way to the mainstream only after the 1990s. The idea was to revolutionize communication and connect with like-minded thinkers from all over the world on a realtime basis. Today there are more than 2.5 billion people on various real time messaging applications and at least 1000 new accounts are being created on such platforms each day. Realtime chat in the earlier days was either coded or only in text formats. However, now instant messaging apps have interactive features like video, photos, voice, e-commerce, gaming and so much more! Some apps that dominate the current world are Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp among a thousand others.

The Impact of Realtime Chat on Various Industries:

Several industries have integrated real time chat as it offers quality customer service, increases lead generation, and boosts sales. In the current remote working environment, almost every sector has adapted to the concept of real-time communication. Nonetheless, in this article, we will talk about the top 4 industries that have been highly impacted by realtime chats.

  1. Service-Oriented Businesses – Businesses that offer any type of customer service – be it travel agencies or web services – have experienced a major impact. They can engage website visitors to chat about their doubts, help them solve issues, and increase sales right away!
  2. Education – Real time chat is an efficient tool for providing support to students. From enrolling applicants to conducting daily classes, realtime messaging applications are used at all forefronts.
  3.  Healthcare – The healthcare industry has moved its way into the digital space to offer convenience to patients and doctors. Having realtime chat apps has promoted better channels of communication. It has also allowed healthcare providers to offer more instant advice and support as well as making healthcare accessible to patients across the globe.
  4. E-commerce Businesses – For e-commerce businesses realtime chat apps are not just tools to interact with customers, but rather boost conversions and sales. With immediate responses and a proper sales channel – customers get confident about the brand and are likely to make a purchase.

Realtime Messaging Vs Email Marketing

Real-Time Messaging Vs Email Marketing

A study conducted by several agencies stated that realtime messaging improves customer service and conversion rates. According to the study, ATG Global Consumer Trend found that 90% of customers consider real time chat helpful. Likewise, another report by noted that 63% would revisit the website that offers realtime chat support, while another 62% said they were likely to make a repurchase from the site. Also, 38% of respondents claimed that they made a purchase solely due to the chat session.

So, does this mean that real time messaging is better than email marketing? Certainly! Email marketing is also essential but can be used as a complementary method of targeting customers. However, with realtime chat apps, higher effectiveness and boost in sales are definite!

Statistically Let’s Explain & Analyse Why Enterprises Must Embrace Realtime Chat & How Can They Boost Businesses:

  • Statistic That Showcases Growth in Business Due to Realtime Chat Apps:

As per a report, more than 79% of customers prefer realtime because it offers instant responses and is the easiest and effective way of communicating with the target audience. It was also found that 41% of customers prefer realtime chats for contacting support teams because realtime chats personalize the brand experience, guide and respond to questions on a realtime basis as well as to adapt to consumer needs and preferences on the go! But does this mean it can offer growth in business?
Messaging apps provide enormous opportunities to grow businesses by creating brand awareness and customer loyalty. This is why another report claimed that 79% of businesses implement realtime chat to increase customer loyalty, sales, and revenues, while 71% of businesses believed that real time chat would be the top communication platform by 2022.

Real-time chat statistics

  • Statistics That Say Realtime Chats Are Best for Lead Generation

Realtime chat apps and platforms are a great way to maximize leads and optimize ROI. It assists in acquiring more customers and subsequently increases the number of potential leads. Realtime chat applications do not just make websites interactive, but rather convert them into lead generation machines. As reported by ICMI, customers who used the realtime chat to communicate before making a purchase were 40% more likely to become a potential lead. Moreover, there was a 10% hike in average order value, 48% increase in revenue per chat hour, and 40% in conversion rate.

Real-Time Chat Statistics

  •  Statistics That Prove RealTime Chats Elevate Customer Support & Satisfaction

Corporations that offer excellent realtime chat support also see an increase in customer satisfaction. This means that customer support and satisfaction go hand-in-hand. Reportedly, 79% of customers prefer realtime chat as it offers immediate gratification to their queries. Whereas, 77% of customers state that they do not want to make a purchase from a platform that does not offer realtime chat support. Eventually, this leaves the customer dissatisfied. Another study by Comm100 said that 82% of customers were satisfied with their realtime chat experience motivating them to make a purchase. Hence, proving that realtime chats do elevate customer support and overall customer satisfaction.

Real-time chat statistics


So, don’t just let your website visitors simply browse through your web pages! Motivate them with realtime conversations and make them your potential leads or encourage them to make a purchase by integrating realtime chat solutions!

With realtime chat, apps upgrade your customer support team, leverage customer satisfaction, increase leads, ROI, sales, and boost your business today! For more information on how to integrate realtime chat applications onto your website, book a consultation with our experts at CONTUS MirrorFly now!

Real-time chat statistics

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