This tutorial provides step by step instructions on how to develop a chat app using MirrorFly React JS SDKs. Follow through this complete guide to build fully functional chat apps that can run on both mobile and web browsers.

With no further ado, let's get started!

Why React JS?

React js, a JavaScript-based mobile development framework which is meant for developing a native-like mobile application for mobile devices. This is so easy as it facilitates developers by allowing them to use the same code to develop apps for different platforms.

It has been proved to be the most successful framework for apps including Skype, Facebook, and Instagram.

Top 8 Benefits To Build Your Chat App With React JS

  • Compatible With Cross-Platform (iOS and Android), which means that the app coded for Android can also be used for iOS, which leads to cost saving.
  • Strong Community, as there will be access to user support and several user created tools, you can have the help whenever needed.
  • Saves A Lot Of Money And Time, by creating a single app and updating the same for both Android and iOS platforms.
  • Hot Reload Feature, around any mobile platform is very much possible with ease.
  • OTA (Over The Air) Update, is one of the innovations which permits the developers to have their users create as well as administer the updates.
  • Highly Flexible, as any number of developers can work on an app project simultaneously and effortlessly and add any number of features.
  • Being an Open Source Framework, developers can easily migrate a react js chat app from one platform to another.

Let’s Check Out How To Create A React JS App For Web

However, the above section has given a clear view about the entire procedure concerning development. I think it will be much needed to have more clarity with regards to the react js development over web application.

Let’s see the Steps Involved In Creating A React JS Chat App

Build a Sample App

  • Installing Modules
  • License Key
  • Run The Application

Integrate Sample App with Existing App

  • Initialize SDK
  • Register
  • Login
  • Update User's Profile
  • Sync the Contacts

Developing A React JS App For Web

You may use our sample app and sandbox SDK to create a new app or integrate with an existing one in one of the three ways.

Build a Sample App

Step 1 : Install npm modules in the project's root directory.

                           npm install 

Step 2 : Add License Key in .env.uat file and validate other configuration - By default Sandbox endpoints are pointed.

Step 3 : Run the application with the following command

                           npm run start:sandbox  

Once done, then application will be running on or http://localhost:3000

Integrate Sample App with Existing App

To integrate the Mirrorfly's UI into an existing application, you need to follow a few steps to getting started.

Step 1 : Initialize SDK in your application.

                  const initializeObj = {  
                        xmppSocketHost: `HOST`, 
                       xmppSocketPort: `PORT`, 
                        ssl: `SSL`, 
                        encryptKey: `ENCRYPT_KEY`, 
                        apiBaseUrl: `API_URL`, 
                       licenseKey: `LICENSE_KEY`, 
                       isSandbox: `SANDBOX_MODE`, 
                        callbackListeners: {}, 
                          signalServer: `SIGNAL_SERVER`, 
                           janusUrl: `JANUS_URL`, 
                           await SDK.initializeSDK(initializeObj);   

Step 2 : Call Register SDK method to create new user with license key.

                           await SDK.register(`USER_IDENTIFIER`); 

For Request and Response refer below,


Use the steps below to create a new user account.

If autoLogin is true, the user will be logged in with XMPP after successful registration.

Note: Users will be registered in the sandbox mode if the sandbox mode is set to true in the startup.

                          await SDK.register(`USER_IDENTIFIER`, `AUTO_LOGIN`); 

Sample Response:

If autoLogin is true

                           statusCode: 200,
                           message: "Login Success"

If autoLogin false

                            statusCode: 200,
                            message: "Success",
                             data: {
                                  username: "123456789",
                                   password: "987654321"

Step 3 : Using the credentials received from the Register response, login using SDK.

                           await SDK.login(`USERNAME`, `PASSWORD`);  

Check Request and Response

Step 4 : Update the user's profile using the SDK method given

                           await SDK.setUserProfile(`NAME`, `IMAGE`, `STATUS`, `MOBILE_NUMBER`, `EMAIL`);  

For Request and Response refer below,

Example Request

Image as a URL

                               await SDK.setUserProfile(

Image as a FILE

                              await SDK.setUserProfile("Name", FILE, "status", "1111111111", "email@domain");

Step 5 : To sync the contacts with the Licence key, use the Sync Contact Method

                              await SDK.syncContacts(`USER_IDENTIFIER`);

Once the registration and sync process is completed, refer to other profiles using one-to-one chat, and group chat methods.

Now, when you have got some clarity with the importance on the implementation of React js in your chat app. Let’s see about the market launch scenario,

Things To Be Noted While Launching Your React JS Chat App

Last but not least, the final stage where your android app with react js makes a market approach. It all happens before publishing your react video chat app, where it is necessary to consider some of the legal issues like the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Moreover, you have an option of purchasing a template that you can edit as per your business demands or get a lawyer to prepare one for you.

Once you are completed with the legal issues before reaching the market, you can go ahead with publishing your app in the app stores. This is one of the most important steps as this platform can reach your audience more faster than you can ever imagine.

Since, the above section would have given you much clarity about how to make a video chat app in react js. Now, let me guide you through one of the most popular real time API and SDK providers – “CONTUS MirrorFly,“ who can help you to develop your app effortlessly.


Anyhow, since the post has given you a lot of information about building your react js chat app. It will be somewhat easy now for you to make a decision.

Therefore, if you desire to have your own real time chat app using react js, then CONTUS MirrorFly is there to get you complete support and guidance. So, what are you waiting for? Make a move and contact us to proceed further.

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