6 Marketplace APIs: That Improve Your Online Marketplace

Published On April 4th, 2024 Tech Talks

Online Marketplaces are being used more like a lifestyle choice than just a technology solution these days. While this drift is making life easier for users, the challenge arises among businesses to provide the best user experiences with futuristic tools and technologies.  APIs are such technologies that help developers to add functionalities to their platforms with just a few lines of code. This article will recommend a list of online marketplace APIs that will give your users the fullest shopping experience.

Key Takeaways: 

This article contains the best API recommendations for your online marketplace app/ site. Here’s how they will help your platform:

  1. Chat Messaging API: The interaction between your sellers and buyers, or between your customers and your sales team, will significantly increase the conversion rate.
  2. Payment Processing APIs: Gets your users to easily make payments within your platform, eliminating the need for third-party payment gateways
  3. Shipping API: Manages the process behind the ‘buy’  button and gets orders delivered quickly
  4. Product Search API: Makes product discovery easy for your customers
  5. Shopping Cart API: Lets you personalize product recommendations based on the details of your customer’s shopping cart
  6. Recommendations API: Displays personalized product information to the users based on their preferences. 

Now that we know APIs are essential elements of a sophisticated online shopping platform, let’s discuss the best ones among them.

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Best API for Payment Processing

Stripe is a simple API that allows your online webstore to accept payments directly from customers. With Stripe, customers can choose their payment method and track their orders instantly.

Role of Stripe APIs in Your Online Marketplace:

Stripe has made online payments easy and safe with its many features. It accepts payment in135+ currencies and processes payment across 190 countries. This means, your customers from different parts of the world can make payments easily and quickly. It supports Customer Authentication (SCA) to verify payers in order to avoid fraudulent payment activities. 

When you integrate Stripe into your online marketplace platform, your customers need not get redirected to third-party checkout pages. This guarantees safety under control along with an increase in your platform’s conversion rate.

Key Features of Stripe APIs:

  • Built-in Support for Mobile and Desktop Checkout

Buyers can connect to sellers instantly, without having to go through any round-robin process to get the support they need. 

  • Stripe Elements

Your customers will be overwhelmed with the look and feel of the checkout pages you can customize with Stripe components. It includes 18 different payment methods, features like auto fill, input masking and error messages to guide the customers perfectly.  

  • Stripe Radar

Stripe Radar blocks fraudster payments without causing any kind of inconvenience to legitimate customers. Since Stripe precisely identifies and blocks fraudsters, customers are sure to experience a clean and safe transaction.


Best API for Shipping

ShipHawk is a savior of time for many platforms that involve high-volume packing and shipping. This API comprehends the need of modern-day customers interested in online shopping.

Role of ShipHawk APIs in Your Online Marketplace:

‘Free deliveries’ and ‘Fast delivery’ are two specifics that satisfy a user making online orders these days. However, the challenges in manual management of the shipments, inventories and deliveries might delay the supply chain process along with a predictable number of errors. So, ShipHawk automated it all using its Shipping API. 

When you integrate their APIs, you are more likely to accelerate the speed of tracking orders, and monitoring deliveries. Eventually, customers get their orders delivered even before the estimated time of delivery. In turn, this API tremendously cuts off the cost of manual shipping management. So, what’s left is to just grow and scale in peace.

Key Features of ShipHawk APIs:

  • Tracking

ShipHawk keeps track of the orders, validates address, allows users to rate their shopping experience and supports hundreds of carriers.

  • Shipping Documentation

With ShipHawk, you can put an end to manually written invoices, bills and labels. This API automatically generates the essential documents necessary for the entire shipping process. 

  • Engine for Rating and Shipping Rule

ShipHawk gives you the facility to set business-specific rules to your orders, customers, carriers so that you have a sorted set of data to process the shipment.


Best API for ProductSearch

Search.io gives users the finest product discovery experience with the world’s first site search engine powered by AI. It focuses on giving users what they want right at the moment they begin the search. 

Role of Search.io APIs in Your Online Marketplace:

The first action that most customers do when they open a marketplace app is to search for a product they’d like to purchase. Search.io refines this process with its features including autocomplete, spell check and dynamic filters. 

If you’d ask me how this search API differs from conventional search engines, I’ve got you the answer. This API specifically co-ordinates with the CMS  (Content Management System) and PIM (Product Information Management) data at the backend to drive search results at a blazingly faster speed. 

Apart from this, Search.io also provides a sophisticated UI so that you can customize your search features in style.

Key Features of Search.io APIs:

  • Instant Indexing

This API helps you index your site, app or ecommerce store within a matter of a few minutes. 

  • Search Bar

This API helps you index your site, app or ecommerce store within a matter of a few minutes. You can add a search bar that your users can easily access to find the product they need. 

  • Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Your customers can be from anywhere around the world. Search.io processes their language and brings the appropriate item right away within a few seconds.


Best API for Shopping Cart

API2Cart is a must-try shopping cart API for SaaS startups. It helps you optimize the checkout experiences of users, by giving access to the shopping cart details that hold products of the user’s interest. 

Role of API2Cart APIs in Your Online Marketplace:

Since API2Cart lets you know what your customers are interested in purchasing, you get the trump card to personalize their experience to make their purchase successful.

With this information, you will be able to remind the customer about the abandoned product in their cart. Also, you may avail discounts and information like ongoing offers, number of items left so that the customer is convinced to get back to the purchase.

Key Features of API2Cart APIs:

  • Unified Shopping Cart API

With API2Cart, you can seamlessly connect your site/ app/ e-commerce store to extract information like products, orders, customers and inventories from 40+ shopping cart APIs 

  • Data Management

API2Cart allows you to access data from numerous supported shopping carts. You can add, update, retrieve, synchronize and exhibit control as per your needs.

Luigi’s Box

Best API to Personalized Recommendations to Customers

Luigi’s box is one of the key reasons that you see personalized blocks of information with product recommendations when you open an online shopping app. This API lets you decide where and when your users can see information about their favorite interests.

Role of Luigi’s Box APIs in Your Online Marketplace:

Luigi Box displays product recommendations on your e-shop by analyzing the previous behaviors and interests of the customers. This AI powered API identifies the customer’s specific patterns of product search and views. When the user returns to the app, the API displays more personalized information, which more likely makes the user purchase the product. 

The personalization makes your customers return to the app and make purchases. It gets them to see what they are interested in and do not waste much time on what’s not their cup of tea. Subsequently, your metrics will surge in the number of orders made.

Key Features of Luigi’s Box APIs:

  • Preference Based Recommendation

Luigi’s box lets you display products based on user’s preferences – products they might like and wish to use.

  • Previously Seen

The APIs display previously seen products, which users might have missed to purchase during their last visit to your platform.

  • Best Selling

You will be able to display the products that are bought by other users with similar interests. 

Summing Up

APIs are pre-built solutions you can use to make your online marketplace stand out among a competitive crowd. They drive brand loyalty among users with compelling features and fast integration capabilities. 

Above that, they improve customer acquisition and retention every day, making your marketplace score above your competitors. So, I take my leave here with a note to stay updated with growing technology, to fetch them right before your user demands it from your platform. 
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