MirrorFly Connects Over 1M+ Patients & Triggers 1.2M $ for a Saudi Arabia-based Healthcare Consultation App

Published On November 15th, 2022 Product News & Updates

“Each year, Saudi Arabia spends the highest health care expenditure in the entire Gulf Cooperation Council of about 37.7 billion U.S dollars.”

It all started as an open healthcare service marketplace. Later the platform turned out to be a healthcare consultation application. Now offers valuable remote patient care that covers Gulf countries, the Arab Republic of Egypt and some parts of the world. 

First of Its Kind In the World
The CSF healthcare service provider is on a mission. As the platform is first of its kind in the world, it enables healthcare institutes to invest the medical assets, allows individuals to set up a team of freelancers and a bunch of medical professionals as an ecosystem model to serve patients through the platform. 

Healthcare consultation chat app

CSF healthcare ensures to offer a complete distribution of healthcare services to various sectors to establish a connected ecosystem. 
Their mission to conquer most of the patients across the country was excellent but, with the tool they had wasn’t sufficient.

Patients Except More Than Just Bookings & Scheduling

As technology grew, the consumers also as well. The CSF healthcare had to offer utmost care to patients where their CSF platform had the capability to offer not more than appointment booking and scheduling.

The CSF Healthcare Platform Offers

  • Appointment Confirmation With Doctors & Physicians
  • Scheduling the appointments
  • Setting Up Reminders
  • Online Payment for Appointments

These features weren’t enough for the CSF Healthcare platform to treat patients globally and add value to the platform. Instead of consulting business guidance, they had other ideas. 

On-demand Online Medical Treatment

CSF Scaled the Business Globally With MirrorFly Communication Services

Being an enterprise chat solution provider in the market, MirrorFly assured to offer real-time connectivity that will allow physicians to communicate with patients instantly to enrich the treatment on-demand.

Reliable Global Connectivity with Patients

Healthcare consultation chat solution

To offer effective treatment to patients, communication with patients is significant. Initially, the CSF healthcare platform worked with local patients and physicians where they had the opportunity to visit in-person. With so much to do with connectivity, CSF platform approached a wider range of users, patients, and professional medical providers, they had patients for treatments from a dozen of Countries. 

Scaling the CSF Business With Multi-channel communication & Monetization Models 

Since people in many of the remote areas never had instant access to instant consultation with doctors and physicians for treatment, CSF turned out to be a doctor-patient healthcare communication platform.

CSF Healthcare Platform Added Some Effective Features 

  • Doctor-patient private chat
  • Doctor to global doctors community (Group chat)
  • Subscription Plans to chat with doctors and physicians
  • Video Calls with doctors & patients using video consultation software
  • Voice call with doctors from the application
  • Sharing X-rays, Prescriptions & Media files was easy. 
Doctor-patient private chat api

A Healthy On-demand Strategy for the Future

With real time chat integration into the CSF platform, the healthcare consultation application expands its business and patient-scale globally. The healthcare consultation app is adding services to egypt countries, where the country has 100 million and only 10% of the entire population has medical insurance.  

Doctor Patient Consultation App

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    Looking for a video call API to integrate with an app we are developing. Want to know if mirrorfly can do group call, recording of the call, can it be downloaded and want to know the pricing.

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