How an Australian Telecom Company Increased Collaboration & Productivity by Connecting 15,000 Employees With a Real-time Chat

Published On June 7th, 2023 Engineering

It’s one of the leading providers of communication networks, Data terminals, Pagers, Satellite and Radio communications to the national Federal department, and other industries in Australia.

The Australian based telecommunication company has customers across the world ranging from Australia’s Largest Government health departments and European countries. To run the entire business operations, the company has more than 15,000 employees working across the globe in different regions.

Since they have a huge number of customers and vendors in the construction and contractors to deliver infrastructure for on-field development teams, they had to collaborate with 1000s of vendors across the country. So this is where the issue arises.

The Gradual Challenges That The Company Had To Dealt With

  • Their employees are located across the countries and states border, maintaining cross-office communication was one of the complex issues.
  • Due to improper and insufficient collaboration between the two cross-office teams, there was a reduction in productivity.
  • The company’s resources had to travel from one regional office to another state office for handling inter-projects. This added an additional burden to companies where they had to spend 14% on business travel costs. 

The Australian-based telecommunications company had to make immediate decisions to strengthen the internal communications system with transparency in the overall collaboration operations.

The company wanted to create a hub of collaboration medium that is accessible to its entire employees across the regions. They choose MirrorFly as their ideal partner to increase collaboration activities since MirrorFly provides enterprise-grade customizable Chat APIs and SDKs.

MirrorFly Turned Out To Be The Ideal Asset To Create a Real-Time Communication Hub That Connects 15,000 Employees and Vendors Across the Globe

MirrorFly real time chat solution

The Australian-based telecom company wanted to develop an enterprise chat application to connect internal employees and vendors that runs seamlessly on web browsers and mobile platforms. With a customizable chat SDK, MirrorFly built a communication platform with multiple collaboration mediums like real-time chat, video calls, voice calls, and conference calls.

With our experts in real-time chat app tech stacks, we built a feature-rich chat application using the latest Erlang programming language, AWS cloud for storage, SIP protocols for internet calling, and WebRTC for video calling for meetings.

Build your own Secured WebRTC Video APP

Features Built-in In the Internal Collaboration Software That Connects Internal Employees & Offices Located Across 15+ Countries

1. Real-time Collaborative Tools

The internal collaboration app is equipped with instant messaging infrastructure to send/receive real-time messages among the employees for instant communication. The application is integrated with SIP and VoIP Protocols to make internet-based and carrier network calls from app to PBX devices.

2. Virtual Collaboration Medium

The enterprise internal communication app is also armed with WebRTC peer to peer technology to make virtual calls within the internal employees. The virtual collaboration helps to make one-to-one private, Group video calls, and conferencing to host meetings, internal announcements.

3. Contact Synchronization & Acknowledgment

To synchronize the entire employees’ and vendors’ contact details, the application has been integrated with the LDAP protocol to sync data from the active directory. Message acknowledgment functionality helps to receive/reject messages from other employees in private and group channels.

4. Peer-to-peer Sharing of Files

The internal collaboration enables the employees to share unlimited data and files such as Image, Videos. Project documents, Proposals and many more for effective interaction. Data files are stored under secure cloud storage for future purposes. 

5. Enterprise Security Standards

Since the Australian-based telecom company provides services to the national federal department and healthcare services, the internal collaboration software is end-to-end encrypted and uses 512-bit encryption standards to secure the message and conversation taking place between employees and vendors. It’s also HIPAA compatible to protect the health-related data transmission.

6. All Platforms & Browser Support

Though the application is used by multiple numbers of employees and on-field vendors, the application is made accessible from any device and supports browsers and platforms like Safari, Chrome, Microsoft Edge, iOS, and Android

The Business Impact That The Australian-based Telecom Company Acquired With an Enterprise Internal Communication Platform

With a standalone chat application, the telecom company established a transparent and effective interaction medium across its branches located across 15 countries. The company was able to connect the internal, on-field employees and vendors in one centralized hub to streamline every possible interaction. The real-time collaboration tool has become an integral asset to their entire corporation since it creates a huge impact in terms of collaboration, productivity, & efficiency.

2x times Growth
In work efficiency & productivity.
70% Reduction
In employee attrition due to transparent collaboration.
3xtimes Improvement
In cross-offices communication.

Real-time Collaboration Is An Integral Asset for Any Organization

During a time like this, it’s a pivotal moment for organizations and companies to stabilize their internal collaboration since most employees are working away from offices. A right communication tool will keep your entire employees, stakeholders in the loop and improve the collaboration of your remote team which in result increases productivity.  

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