MirrorFly – Another Milestone from “Comparecamp” for the Next “Rising Star” in Real-time Communication App Market

Published On May 18th, 2023 Product News & Updates

We’re proud to announce that MirrorFly received the Rising Star Award and Great User Experience Award for 2020 from CompareCamp. These awards came after extensive reviews of MirrorFly’s performance and ratings across sectors, including features, pricing and value for money.

CompareCamp lauded MirrorFly for its comprehensive communication options including voice call, video call and video conferencing. The leading software comparison company also highlighted MirrorFly’s built-in monetisation tools, analytics features and extensive security measures.

Introduction to CompareCamp

CompareCamp is one of the world’s leading only repositories for product comparisons, reviews and recommendations. Their comprehensive guides enable customers all over the world to make the right choice when it comes to buying software for their needs.  

The prestigious CompareCamp awards are doled out to leaders in multiple software categories after careful review and testing. Whether it’s instant messaging software, fleet management, accounting or even CRM software, CompareCamp conducts thorough explorations of each product. They look at the ease of use, features, customer support, value for money and technical specifications. 

As a result of such an extensive review during the top product awards for 2020, MirrorFly received a total high score of 8.3. And hey, it’s always nice to have an expert recognise you for what you’re doing, right?

The Great User Experience Award

This award highlights MirrorFly’s attention and efforts towards ensuring a seamless, unforgettable user experience when using instant messaging for business. These efforts include the expansive list of features such as auto-translation, in-app messaging, audience interaction, multilingual support, task assignment and centralised admins.

As far as instant messaging services go, MirrorFly also emerged top because of its variety of monetisation tools, highly customisable setups and extensive analytics. All of these are invaluable to users who are looking for instant messaging business software that integrates seamlessly into existing apps or platforms yet instantly upgrades its UX.

The Rising Star Award

This award is a testament to MirrorFly’s success in the world of instant messaging business communication. The rising star awards highlight software and service providers that are disrupting the industry they’re in and giving intense competition to previously popular names across the board.

When it comes to instant messaging, 2020 is the year for experiments, innovation and resilience in the face of change. MirrorFly has displayed this– it has also helped other businesses make these a way of life. MirrorFly is accessible to businesses of all sizes and nearly all device types. It makes use of top-tier technology to deliver a performance that is steady and seamless despite disruptions in device, bandwidth or movement.

How MirrorFly Solutions Can Help Your Business

These awards are the latest in a slew of best instant messaging software awards that MirrorFly has received this year. This ever-growing collection of accolades including several ‘product of the year’ awards 2020 is proof enough that MirrorFly is the best instant messaging software choice for you.

MirrorFly can help your business increase its revenue through multiple revenue streams and monetisation models. It can offer your users a user-friendly interface that is par excellence; It can also reduce operating costs in the long run.

MirrorFly is also highly customisable– a boon for companies who want to retain strict branding without having to build software in-house. Integration options you get with MirrorFly include WebRTC peer to peer, Github, SIP, chat API and messaging SDK.


As a winner of multiple best product awards 2020, including these CompareCamp ones, MirrorFly brings ease of use, functionality and futuristic technology to your business.

Grow your business and revenue with CONTUS MirrorFly.

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