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Published On November 23rd, 2023 Engineering

Live Streaming Events are scrolled all over the social media walls, thanks to the applications that have been most easy to use Media Streaming platform. All social media platforms are incorporating the feature of social media streaming! The popularity of streaming is touching the sky & guess what’s the reason behind it? Easy Accessibility! Not just for personal chit chat or interaction but now a day even events are streamed live has been an innovative medium of advertising. No pandemic can hamper the essence of Live Streaming.

“Live Streaming can save you from procrastination”

This statement says all about the significance of Live Streaming without a doubt.

Do you use Live Broadcasting instead of Live Streaming?

No, neither Live Streaming & Live Broadcasting is interchangeable nor they are synonymous with each other. A lot of people are using either of them without knowing the difference between both of these terms. These terms can change the entire direction of content & its connectivity, wondering how?

We all have learned about the terms ‘Active & Passive’ same is the point of difference between Broadcasting & Streaming. The technology working behind both may be similar to a great extend but when it comes to engagement & connectivity, there is a vital & vast difference.

These 3 are a major point of difference. Live streaming is a term that gels with techniques and projects the content live like the real-time. But the flow of information is from one end only. Live Broadcasting of a football match is telecasted on Television, but it doesn’t involve the communication or connectivity element from the viewer’s end. On the other hand, the live Streaming market is all about INVOLVEMENT.

Is Live Streaming Omnipresent?

When we talk about connectivity, does it restricts to only one medium or industry?  No, Live Streaming is done in many fields and industries. Let’s say, FACEBOOK is a common & familiar platform, according to a report Facebook is all set to beat YouTube as it has 3 billion video views per day! Now, Facebook doesn’t only showcase video about one industry, some videos are entertainment-based, some are informative, some are religious, some are cooking skills-based, some are DIY stuff; the videos on Facebook covers varied genres of content.

In nutshell, ‘Live Streaming has room for all size of content’ that is the most evident reason why people think Live Streaming is useful for every industry. If it’s a media channel they can showcase Live News, for a sports channel they can broadcast matches if it is a production channel they can come with sharing live interviews & much more. Live Streaming can fit in for all be it an event, entertainment, or communication.

“Live Streaming is the key to build authenticity” – Marketing Week

How Live Streaming Can Pair up with the era of Virtual Events?

Current times have made everyone come up with everything that has a prefix as ‘Virtual’, things can be easy if are launched virtually, as the video streaming platform, Social Media platforms are blooming. The current example of how things are shifting to be virtual is BookMyShow that is an application used for booking movie tickets, is now streaming movies virtually.

The current situation has been a complete set off moment for the event industry. Plenty of live events, shows, concerts across the world are dropped because of the pandemic. Fortunately, the option of live streaming showed up as a ray of hope.

Those who are not well versed with technological advancement are also showing positive responses for Live Streaming.

Virtual Events of recent times shows Streaming is the best ROI:

A lot of people are making their mind to virtually Stream their events as it is the lifeline for the time being. The makers might be in dilemma as to how will be the response in such times but the hit moment of some events has delivered a clear message that Streaming virtual events is surely the best foot forward strategy.

‘One World: Together at Home’ a musical concert presented by Global Citizen draws 21 million viewers! The success story doesn’t end here; it drew a much larger audience in comparison to the amount of audience that tunes on the TV on Saturday night. The event had 4 broadcasters & it was a big hit show.

A Brief About the Features of Live Streaming:

Live Streaming software comes with ample of benefits for users or broadcasters. Live Streaming applications can be of great use for the current times and otherwise as well. Check out the perks of live Streaming:

  1. Perks of Engagement: The reach ability factor of Live Streaming is high; it can help you gather more & more impressions. Broadcaster aims to make his content reach the mass of the audience and the API of Live Streaming exactly does the same. The more is the reach ability, the more will be the engagement.
  2. No Buffering: A buffer-free watching experience is all one needs to make the audience stay for long & increase the watch time. Live Streaming can be done on a recorded video as well, thus it will not keep on buffering.
  3. Interactive Whiteboard: It is a smart board or an interactive board used during live Streaming for communication. This feature of Live Streaming Solution is worth having as it develops a link between broadcaster & the viewers that shall ultimately contribute to enhancing the reach ability. Live Streaming Chats are enabled through this feature.
  4. A medium of Innovative Advertisement: The broadcaster can advertise or endorse products during his or her broadcast. He can let the audience know about the product, this can be an innovative advertisement that doesn’t occupy an investment.
  5. MirrorFly TV: It is a top-notch platform to praise the content, it functions as a video sharing alignment that showcases a high-quality video that has a longer form of content & this feature makes the platform MirrorFly as a highly preferred platform for broadcasters. MirrorFly TV has raised the standards of Live Streaming Services.

Social Media & Live Streaming go hand-in-hand:

From a write to an actor everyone on social media has tried live Streaming! A layman shall also effectively make use of Streaming, let’s say a layman dealing into beauty products can go for Live Streaming on social media can showcase the product ranges, a poet can recite a poem, a businessman can share his ideas, and Critics can share a movie review. Be it information, data, observation, or just some communication; live Streaming is made for all of it.

Live Streaming is a beneficial mode of connecting; it can easily promote a brand, person, or work without even a single penny being invested.

Are you looking for an opportunity to earn more via Live Streaming?

Well, if you are a writer or dancer or producer or musician or a media company or an actor, all you need is to explore the world via live Streaming & let the world know things you are great at. Reaching more audience, getting more engagement if that is your aim, you can earn money by doing the things that you love to do. All you need a platform that leads you to the mass of the audience.

One platform, multiple solutions, MirrorFly is all set to be a complete helping hand for broadcasters. It’s more than just a platform, professional services like live video calling, instant messaging, or real-time communication, all can be accessed under one website & it is just a click away!

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