How a Leading Fitness Community Platform Leverages MirrorFly to Revitalize in-app Communication

Published On November 21st, 2023 Insights

Fostering a safe and bias-free environment for the trainer-user ecosystem – elucidates the compelling journey of our ingenious client ever since 2016. 

Based out of India primarily, the leading fitness community platform with its array of services  like customized nutrition, training tools, diet plan, personalized support etc has empowered more than 2M+ users, underpinning the power of fitness revolution beyond geographies. 

Well, the commendable transition of our client from hosting a close-knit group of fitness enthusiasts, experts to this fast-growing community was never achieved in a day. 

Indeed, this incredible feat by all means necessitated the need of establishing diverse communication opportunities within their app – one that kept their trainers and users engaged at ease on all platforms.

The Challenge: Transforming Trainer-User Experiences On Apps 

The success of a fitness community platform housing trainers and users, largely relies on the communication capabilities established within apps. 

However, prior to building such highly engaged community experiences, the client’s domestic conversations were routed with the help of a third-party messaging service, whose reliability and trustworthiness was always a matter of doubt regardless. 

And on their quest to enable secure in-app conversational experiences, the client was willing to incorporate interactive features with the help of a powerful tech partner, who makes things easy-going & hassle-free. 

Solution: A Friction-Free In-App Conversational Outlook

Being a user-driven brand, the client quite understood the need for setting up ample collaboration capabilities within apps – one that effortlessly eliminates the security turbulences caused by the intervention of 3rd party applications 

Upon rigorous evaluation of in-app communication providers, they ultimately settled down with MirrorFly, given its powerful track record in orchestrating 1B+ conversations and excellent support across use cases. 

Unifying Internal Communication With In-App Chat

As part of their in-house communication strategy, the customer basically started out with the use of an external chat application to share fitness information, meal guides, nutrition advice, etc to users across locations. 

In a matter of time, this proved to be quite challenging to steer clear of the increasing data leaks, and security breaches which in turn hampered the growth of their business on all fronts – Android, Web & iOS. 

At the end of the day, the robust flutter chat SDKs catered by MirrorFly aided seamless integration of out-of-the-box features, streamlining communication of trainers and users within the platform in no time. 

Specifically, the one-to-one and group chat experiences deployed have helped transcend better exchange of ideas within this ever-expanding community via

  1. Personalized interactions & support for users
  2. Curated group channels for effective trainer-user interaction
  3. Media file transfer to share fitness and nutrition updates 

Ideally, by virtue of the user-friendly messaging experiences established, they were quick enough to handle 50K concurrent users simultaneously at ease. 

Uplifting Engagement With Voice & Video

Building authentic connections and humanizing the virtual experience was the need of the hour for our digital-first brand.

Reading between the lines, our internal teams assessed their exact needs and facilitated them with tailored video, voice SDK to get started in a whim.

Eventually, these pixel-perfect no-lag calling abilities rendered by the integration bolsters the unique preferences of the client by enabling trainers to

  1. Dial in for direct and group call sessions 
  2. Aid face-to-face interactions that enhance collaboration  
  3. Schedule classes in batch for a maximum of 8 participants 

whilst improving synchronization and user gratification rates on the whole. 

Cruising Forward With a Cloud-First Approach

In view of the enhanced agility and security perspective, our team of tech experts initiated the transition to cloud in a phased manner on all platforms. 

The said migration to the AWS has provisioned the client with innumerable benefits such as high performance, reliability, data backup, restore, speed, uptime etc by default.

In short, this cutting-edge approach in combination with our built-in security and compliance standards vouches stability and augments operational efficiency in the longer run. 

Result: Elevating Fitness Interactions With Call & Chat

By all means, the seamless infusion of video, voice & chat features into the client’s app has brought trainers and users together, aiding better scope for collaboration and real-time engagement opportunities within their communities. 

Subsequently, this ideal partnership has helped them eliminate security incidents and empowered them to transfer fitness and nutrition guidance to users, anywhere, anytime at ease. 

Now, with MirrorFly’s help, the brand has positioned their fitness & nutrition establishment as crucial differentiators and is all geared up to unlock newer opportunities that make a difference in the lives of individuals from varied backgrounds.  

Gomathi Ramachandran

Gomathi is a product marketing buff, who is passionate about bringing meaningful strategies and approaches that redefines the modern messaging experience for users. She loves exploring the world of in-app communication with all of her heart.

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