Facilitating In-App Messaging Experiences of a South-East Asian Telecom Player Catering 10M+ Users via MirrorFly!

Published On July 26th, 2022 Product News & Updates

Being one of the fast-growing telecom conglomerates across the globe, our client truly set themselves apart with niche digital offerings, be it movies, music, news, etc in recent times. 

Whilst staying true to this expansive catalog, the brand is focused on delivering value at each and every touch point across its 10 million+ active user base, on any given day.

And for them, staying true to this core ideal meant enabling a modern and engaging communication experience for all users quickly and efficiently across all their apps.

The Challenge: Elevating the Global In-App User Experience:

As a growth-driven and user-obsessed company, they quite understand the fact that engaging app users today is all about the ultimate experience factor!

Let’s face it: unlike other conventional(commercial) apps, a majority of telecom users find their in-app communication to be nothing less than a chore in itself.

And our brand is no exception to that!

Keeping in pace with the industry innovation and user experience demands, they found MirrorFly the perfect collaborator for all their in-app objectives.

  • Cater an ultimate in-app user experience via chat and calls
  • Facilitate SIP/VoIP-enabled calling experiences for app and non-app users
  • Minimalize user disruptions with cross-platform support, security, and compatibility 

Solution:  Enriching User Experience with Feature-Rich In-App Messaging

With the ulterior motive of setting up a world-class mobile user experience that fosters powerful conversations, the brand needed an intuitive interface that resonates with all their demands while ensuring impactful engagement and conversion rates in the longer run.

That’s when their internal team settled on MirrorFly for a robust communication experience!

Immersive In-App Messaging, a True Differentiator

Given the flexibility of MirrorFly’s nimble yet simple integrations, in-app components such as one-on-one, group chats, voice and live video calling, were effortlessly integrated into the client apps for a native chat experience; well within an hour’s time.

By virtue of these API & SDK integrations, they simplified and streamlined the communication experience of users within their community across all preferred channels – chat, voice, and video with ease

Besides, the addition of these in-app extensions strengthened their real-world customer support via instant responses and encouraged more such users to take advantage of these ‘not-a-chore-anymore’ features for personalized and value-driven conversational benefits. 

Making a Difference with SIP Trunking:

Recognizing the importance of increased subscription volume and user base for a telecom player, a SIP-trunk-enabled setup was embedded within their app.

This modern provision comes along with a varied set of add-ons namely call logs, management & reporting tools to effortlessly support their in-app calling needs in view of increasing promotion and conversions.

With MirrorFly’s help, the brand was quick enough to power an internet-powered(VoIP-based) phone system that made their calling experiences rather efficient; plus, they turned out to be extremely convenient in establishing connections within their app as well as non-app users for better promotional prospects – cross sell and upsell opportunities.

SSC(Security, Support & Compatibility) to the Rescue:

Being extremely mindful of the brand’s need to reduce response time and enhance agent productivity, a custom all-in-one communication suite that supports various platforms and handles a good-enough user load was developed and embedded into their Android and iOS apps.

To be precise, these in-app enhancements have safely enabled the brand to reliably connect 30K+ concurrent users via chat and 2,000+ concurrent users via calls.  

Additionally, from a security standpoint, MirrorFly has enabled them to leverage a highly stable and well-encrypted in-app messaging infrastructure for a substantial increase in engagement and adoption rates all throughout.

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Ground-Breaking In-App Engagement & Win-Win Alliances:

The integration of MirrorFly’s robust in-app solutions ensured to uplift the brand’s conversational expertise on all fronts, be it chat, voice, or video-based avenues. 

At the end of the day, these exquisite in-app implementations meant serving the client’s dev and support teams with a flexible conversational engine that

  • accelerates native-messaging support
  • outright enhances user experience and satisfaction rates
  • enables ease of in-app promotion and conversions

By significant reduction of in-app operation overheads and minimal subscriber disruptions, the brand now looks forward to creating meaningful customer touchpoints and in-house support concierges with MirrorFly for scaling innovation-driven footprints across the globe.

Gomathi Ramachandran

Gomathi is a product marketing buff, who is passionate about bringing meaningful strategies and approaches that redefines the modern messaging experience for users. She loves exploring the world of in-app communication with all of her heart.

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