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A Complete Chat Solution For Every Communication Need

Package of hallmarks to redefine your messaging platform into next-level of communication tool

All Component for Absolute Messaging Experience in One Package

An end-to-end comparison on features to discover MirrorFly as the Best Alternative to Layer

High-end Comparison Chart Layer MirrorFly
All Essential Messaging Features
Voice Calling
Video Calling
Live Broadcasting
Screen Sharing
SIP Calling
VOIP Enabled
Create Multi-Channels
Push Notification
Cross Platform
Location Sharing
Low Latency
Real time Language Translation

Values You Get By Shifting Off From Layer To MirrorFly

Solid Reasons Why SaaS (Layer) Over SaaP (MirrorFly) is More Preferable?

Just beyond the conventional chat development more likely as the Saas services by Layer chat, MirrorFly stands out as a single solution that empowers to customize your own platform with help of 300+ in-house team, multiple chat functionalities, Intuitive UX/UI designs, versatile hostings upgradable features, native SDKs & APIs and so on.

Migrating Off from layer or building the chat solution from scratch, everything is possible with MirrorFly.

MirrorFly - realtime messaging platform

300+ Messaging Architects

Future-centric Technologies

On Premises &
On Cloud

Devops Grounded Development

Package of Future Upgradable Solution

Let's Get Started! MirrorFly Has

Migrate Your Entire Chat platform from Layer to MirrorFly To Revamp Business Communication.

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