Create Group

Create a Group#

To create a group, call the below method.

    try GroupManager.shared.createGroup(groupName: "ABCXYZ", participantJidList: [jids], groupImageFileUrl: "", completionHandler: { [self] isSuccess, flyError, flyData in
    if isSuccess {
    // Update the UI
    } else{
    // failure case of the group creation
    groupNameStringName of the group (cannot be null or empty)
    participantJidList[String]Array of jids of the member (size cannot be less than 2 excluding group creator)
    groupImageFileUrlStringlocal file url of the image (can be empty)
    completionHandlerFlyCompletionHandlerimplemented as closure expression

    Note: Even if you don't have internet connection, you are still allowed to send messages which will be kept in offline database.Once the user connected to the internet, the messages will be sent automatically when user opens the app.