Set Group Profile Detail

To set the Profile detail of the group, send a request as described below. Once the request is made successfully, an groupProfileListener callback will be triggered and a updated profile response will be received for all group participants.

const GROUP_IMAGE = {
"extension": "jpg",
"fileSize": 161326,
"filename": "1000018995.jpg",
"modificationTimestamp": 1703265263040,
"type": "image/jpeg",
"uri": "file:/data/user/0/001a5e56-d0f8-487d-be43-a089ada29ab8/1000018995.jpg"
await SDK.setGroupProfile(`GROUP_JID`, `GROUP_NAME`, GROUP_IMAGE);

Request Params#

GROUP_JIDGroup JIDJID Stringtrue
GROUP_NAMENickname of the GroupStringtrue
GROUP_IMAGEGroup ImageObjectfalse