Private Chat

You can lock a chat by tapping the name of a one-to-one or group and selecting the lock option

Set Private Chat#

Private Chat can be enabled/disabled by calling this method.

ChatManager.setPrivateChat(JID, Boolean);
JIDStringjid of the user/group to enable/disable private chat
BOOLEANBooleantrue to enable the private chat false to disable the private chat

Private Chat Status#

To get the private chat status call the below method.


The private chat status will be returned either True or False

Get Private Chats List#

An private chat won't be listed in recent chat list. To get the list of private chats call the below method.

ArrayList<RecentChat> recentChatList = ChatManager.getPrivateChatList();
ChatManager.getPrivateChatList((isSuccess, throwable, data) -> {
if (isSuccess) {
ArrayList<RecentChat> privateChatList = (ArrayList<RecentChat>) data.get("data");
//update the UI
} else {
//Fetching private chat list failed print throwable to find the exception details.
CALLBACKFlyCallbackFlyCallback implemented as lambda expression

The method with callback runs on background thread and the one without callback didn't run on background thread

Unread count#

If you want to get the unread count of private chat messages, you can utilise the below method.

int unreadPrivateMessageCount = FlyMessenger.getUnreadPrivateChatMessagesCount();