Send Typing Status

You can able to send the typing/gone status to the group so that all group participants can aware of that the user is typing the message. If you want to send the typing status for a group, you can utilize the below method.

Check here for response format for both TypingStatus and GoneStatus method

await SDK.sendTypingStatus(`TO_GROUP_JID`);

When the user starts typing the message in the input box of the chat window, call the below method to send the composing status, so that they can show a typing message in the header/recent chat.

Once the user stopped/finished typing the message send the gone status as described below, so that they can hide a typing message in the header/recent chat.

await SDK.sendTypingGoneStatus(`TO_GROUP_JID`);

Method parameter#

GROUP_JIDGroup JIDJID Stringtrue