Firebase Integration

FCM migration guide#

Effective June 20, 2024, Firebase will be deprecating the FCM legacy API. To ensure uninterrupted push notification functionality, it is recommended that you migrate to the new FCM HTTP v1 API as soon as possible.

Note : No additional changes need to be made on the Mirrorfly Chat SDK.

Migrate from legacy API to HTTP v1#

This migration guide will help you seamlessly transition from FCM legacy API to HTTP v1.

Step 1: Generate a new private key on Firebase Console


You need to generate a private key file in JSON format.

  1. Open the Firebase console and click on your project.
  2. Go to Project settings > Service Accounts.
  3. Click on Generate new private key and confirm by clicking Generate key.
  4. Securely store the JSON file containing the private key that will be downloaded.

Step 2: Register service account key on Mirrorfly Console

If you are adding a service account key to an existing FCM push configuration, follow these steps:

  1. On Mirrorfly Console , go to Settings > Server Configuration.

  2. under the Server Configuration Tab, you can find the configuration where you want to register the HTTP v1 key (please refer the screenshot). Browse and Upload the JSON file containing the key that was downloaded in step 1.


  1. Once the file is successfully uploaded, click submit to save the details.