In order to send messages using the chat sdk , at first you need to establish the connection to the server. sdk provides methods for initializing the connection configuration as well as methods for making connection.

Note: Even if you don't have internet connection, you are still allowed to send messages which will be kept in offline database.Once the user connected to the internet, the messages will be sent automatically when user opens the app.

Preparing single chat jid#

Almost all the sdk methods expect jid as a input parameter, so sdk provides below utility method to prepare the jid. The method prepares the single chat user's jid from the username which we get in the Register response.

Note: The below characters is not allowed in uniqueId: U+0022 (") U+0026 (&) U+0027 (') U+002F (/) U+003A (:) U+003C (<) U+003E (>) U+0040 (@).

USER_NAMEStringunique username for preparing JID