Create a Group

Groups is the simplest way to chat with multiple user at any given time.


If GroupChat feature is unavailable for your plan, then the below methods will not be able to access and throw 403 exception

Create Group#

To create a new group use below method. Once the request is made successfully, an groupProfileListener callback will be triggered. Response will be of two types, one is for successfull adding of participant with both party details and other one is for group profile udpate.

await SDK.createGroup(`GROUP_NAME`, [`USER_JID`], `GROUP_IMAGE`);

Request Params#

GROUP_NAMEGroup NameStringtrue
USER_JIDArray of User JIDJID Stringtrue
GROUP_IMAGEProfile Image - Upload an image file or image URLFile / Stringfalse

Example Response#

statusCode: 200,
message: "Success",
data: {
groupId: "0f617991-08d0-4474-ae6c-f070dc63bb1a"
groupJid: "0f617991-08d0-4474-ae6c-f070dc63bb1a@mix.xmppdomain"