Configuration Dependencies

Open the app/src/main/AndroidManifest.xml in the Android folder of your application and make sure below attributes are included

<manifest xmlns:android=""

It is recommended to disallow users to backup an app if it contains sensitive data. Having access to backup files (i.e. when android:allowBackup="true"), it is possible to modify/read the content of an app even on a non-rooted device.

The tools:replace="android:label" typically used when you want to replace or override a specific attribute value defined in a library's manifest with a value from your own manifest.

if you face the below error during installing the Android App.

Android resource linking falled
/packaged.manifests/debug/AndroidManifest.xml:204: error:/
'nicrophone|canera|connectedDevice|shortServ1ce|nediaPlayback|remoteMessaging* is inconpatible, with attribute foregroundServicetype (attr) flags [camera=64, connectedDevice=16, dataSync=1, โ€บ
Location=8, nediaPlayback=2, nediaProjection=32, nicrophone=128, phoneCall=4).| error: failed processing nanifest.

upgrade Sdk versions as 34 or higher on your app/build.gradle file in your Android folder.

compileSdk 34
minSdkVersion 21
targetSdkVersion 34