Retrieve User Profile Data

Get user profile data#

To get the profile data of a user(not a group) call the below method.

Mirrorfly.getUserProfile(jid: USER_JID,fetchFromServer: FETCH_FROM_SERVER,flyCallback:(FlyResponse response){
if (response.isSuccess){
var profileData = profileDataFromJson(;
}else {
// get profile failed print throwable to find the details

Refer this doc to know more about Profile Detail Class

USER_JIDStringJid of the user
FETCH_FROM_SERVERbooltrue to fetch from server
flyCallbackFlyResponsecallback to observe the action status

All the profile related operation will be found below.

Get User/Group profile details#

if you want to get the profile details for the chat user, you can utilise the below method.

var value = await Mirrorfly.getProfileDetails(jid: JID);
var profile = profiledata(value.toString());
JIDStringjid of the user

Get the list of user saved profile statuses#

User can get their list of previously saved user statuses by calling the below method.

var value = await Mirrorfly.getProfileStatusList();
var myStatusList = statusDataFromJson(value);

This list contains some pre defined values.