15x Times Subscription Spike & Ad Revenue – The Impact of a Thailand-based Live Streaming Apps With In-app Chat

Published On November 1st, 2023 Product News & Updates

With over 23,000 employees across the globe, 30+ million subscribers, and 0.8+ million internet subscribers, the multi-industry company was one of the most successful communication conglomerates in Thailand.

The Thailand-based multi-industry telecommunication company has the largest Cable TV provider, and a million subscribers holding within their on-demand, Live streaming, and Pay TV business platforms.

The overall business of their live streaming and on-demand platform services were quite stable until their users were shifting to other streaming platforms without reasons.

The Thailand-based video-on-demand platform had to make quick and effective decisions to retain its subscribers and users within the platform.

The Solid Challenges That Made The Thailand-based Video-On-demand/Live Streaming Platforms To Rethink Their Business Operations

  • The overall conversion of viewership into subscribers percentage was quite low.
  • There was a huge connectivity gap between their content owners and viewers since the platform holds thousands of Stars and content creators publish their own content.
  • The Ad revenue and conversion were less when compared with other on-demand streaming competitors.

These pain points give in-depth ideas and conclusions on what Thailand based video-on-demand/ live streaming platform is going under. Real-time connectivity between their users and content creators would resolve the challenge by creating a big opportunity to retain and engage users within the application.

One Intellectual Decision That Turned Up the Entire Video-On-Demand / Live Streaming Business Performance

The Thailand based multi-industry company has ideas to integrate in-app chat SDK to their video-on-demand and live streaming solution available on Android and iOS to create better engagement. By integrating multi communication channels within their live streaming and video-on-demand platforms gives ample benefits to grow revenue opportunities of the streaming platforms.    

  • It connects the users and content creators to interact in real-time through multiple communication channels with the same screen of the platforms.
  • An instant and constant collaboration opportunity improves the engagement factor of the live streaming apps.
  • With in-app chat in live streaming and video-on-demand apps has the potential to drive new users and retain the existing viewers by engaging them through channels and group chats.  

The Effectual Reasons To Choose An Enterprise In-App Multi-chat Channels for Live Streaming Apps

Thailand based multi-industry Live Streaming service Company chose MirrorFly’s Chat API to integrate messaging, video and voice interactions within their live streaming app. With the integration of chat SDK, the live streaming app experiences great outcomes in the form of revenue and viewership improvement.

Some Top-notch Features and Modules Integrated In the Live Streaming and Video-on-demand Apps

1. Live Broadcasting

With live broadcasting, content creators and Group admins can broadcast their own content live over the channels and groups that hold thousands of users. Live broadcasting helps content creators and brands to reach users directly and engage them instantly.

2. Unlimited Channels & Groups

The Group chat SDKs help to connect thousands of users, viewers within the same live streaming by creating unlimited channels and groups to discuss on new albums, most-watched movies and much more.

3. Live Polls & Q&A

Live Polls helps to engage the users of the live streaming app by creating polls during live streaming of content. By hosting Question and Answers sessions to make clear decisions and keep the viewers engaged.

4. Moderation Tools 

The entire moderation tool helps to preserve the integrity of your live streaming application. With spam flood filtering, it enables to block profanity and automatically spam mischievous users. The admin of every group and channels have the authority to manage the in-app chat.

5. End-to-end Security 

With end-to-end encryption and AES-512, the entire conversation happening between users and content creators within the live streaming video-on-demand app is protected. The encryption provides privacy & protection to shared media and text. 

6. Voice, Video & Text Chat 

Enable live streaming users to chat, interact with other users via video and voice calls. With WebRTC & SIP technology, the live streaming app allows content creators or Stars to a host group chat or conferencing with their fans under “Fans Club” channels.

With these effective in-app chat features, Thailand based live streaming apps acquire a huge number of user base and business profit. 

The Overall Business Impact With The Effort of In-app Chat SDK Integration In Live Streaming / Video-on-demand Apps

50% Increase
In Ad-revenue of live/on-demand apps.
15x times Growth
In turning viewers into subscribers.
52% Increase
In user engagement & retention.

Live Streaming / Video-on-demand Apps With In-app Chat Can Create Wonders To Your Business

In today’s world of entertainment, every live streaming or video on demand app deserves more features than just delivering quality content. The viewers love to engage with your content. Give them the opportunity to connect with content owners and other users, so the engagement value would be higher than the normal value in the live streaming apps.

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