MirrorFly Update: Call SDK with Connection Quality Monitor

Published On June 12th, 2024 Product News & Updates

Enhancing feature scalability across all dimensions is essential for optimizing app developers’ workflows, particularly when integrating diverse in-app communication functionalities across multiple platforms.

As a globally leading in-app communication SDK suite provider, MirrorFly has systematically augmented its SDK feature portfolio for both native and web applications. This strategic expansion guarantees streamlined integration experiences for voice and video calling capabilities.

Additionally, by offering an intuitive, feature-rich in-app solution through these advanced SDKs, MirrorFly facilitates the creation of adaptable communication features in any application, supporting brands across all kinds of industries.

Discover how the latest SDK suite update can significantly benefit the developer community and visionary entrepreneurs.

What’s New in Our Call SDKs?


Real-time Network Performance Metrics

In a continuous feedback loop, the Video Call Quality Monitoring SDK actively assesses the health of the established connection. Utilizing sophisticated algorithms, it categorizes call quality into three distinct tiers: Good, Average, and Poor. 

This real-time monitoring ensures immediate notification via listeners or delegates whenever a fluctuation in quality occurs. Should the connection deteriorate to a “Poor” state, the SDK triggers a user interface (UI) update. 

A prominent toast message materializes, explicitly informing the user of the compromised connection: “Poor connection. Try moving to get a better signal.” This proactive approach safeguards video call stability by alerting users to potential packet loss stemming from a weak signal.


Real-time Network Performance Metrics

The SDK with Video Call Quality Monitoring continuously evaluates the health of the connection through a feedback loop. Leveraging advanced algorithms, it classifies call quality into three categories: Good, Average, and Poor. 

This real-time assessment ensures immediate alerts via listeners or delegates whenever quality fluctuates. If the connection degrades to a “Poor” status, the SDK prompts a user interface (UI) update. 

A prominent toast message appears, explicitly notifying the user of the compromised connection: “Poor connection. Try moving to get a better signal.” This proactive mechanism helps maintain video call stability by alerting users to potential packet loss due to a weak signal.


Real-time Network Performance Metrics

To ensure a seamless calling experience, the Call Quality Monitoring SDK continuously monitors connection health through advanced algorithms. This real-time assessment categorizes call quality (Good, Average, Poor) and triggers immediate notifications via a prominent toast message when the connection degrades.  

The message goes beyond simply indicating a “Poor” connection; it emphasizes the potential impact with a phrase like “Try moving to get a better signal,” prompting users to take corrective action. This proactive approach is critical for maintaining call stability. 

By being alerted to potential issues like packet loss before significant quality degradation occurs, users can take steps like relocating to a stronger signal area in case of a mobile device or adjusting bandwidth usage on their device, ultimately preventing dropped calls and frustrating lag.

For more information on the updates discussed here, feel free to draw inspiration from our documentation and demo apps.

  1. Android Platform: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/audio-video/android/v2/call-quality 
  2. iOS Platform: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/audio-video/ios/v2/call-quality 
  3. Web: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/audio-video/react/call-quality
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