The Future of E-Learning: How Has COVID-19 Changed the Education Forever

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‘Necessity is the mother of Invention’ the current situation proves this proverb cent percent true as the global pandemic COVID-19 has evolved a vigorous need to drift on technology & avoid physical presence to utmost extent. 

With this new normal, the concept of ‘work from home’ has increased its acceptability in all sectors, from corporate to education the mantra of #socialdistancing is gradually pacing to open the doors of many new concepts, online study is one such concept binding students & teachers in a new mode of pursuing education, in a way, online education is balancing the course of studies in this rough phase.

Definitely, changes are evident & acceptance-adaptability for certain changes takes time, coping with technology is difficult for certain generations & easy for the other, similarly concept of Online Education wasn’t accepted at once, but to combat with this alarming situation has left no choice but to opt for Online Education, as it will help to ensure safety & studying interruption-free. Initially, in April 2020 the education institutions were in the state in dilemma whether every student & teachers also will be able to cope up with this approach, if the statistics are to be believed The number of users enrolled for various online learning courses is estimated to be 1.6 Million in 2016, Which is expected to grow about 9.6 Million by the end of 2021.

What are the Barriers in the Current Education System?

If we split the timeline as PreCoVID& PostCoVID, it’s evident that before CoVID-19 pandemic, the funda of digitalization wasn’t much enforced over the education sector, #DigitalIndia concept brought a digital revolution in every field, but in the context of education, the application was hardly noticeable, though many government websites were endorsing Online Education but nothing came as a revolutionary beginning, now post CoVID-19  the scenario is vice-versa.

Few reasons listed for not defining education under the context of online teaching are the required rate was less, internet access was also less & inadequate, teachers weren’t trained to teach online or to forgo traditional teaching, students were much used to the traditional approach. Probably, that is one of the major reasons as to why the concept of Online Education wasn’t accepted at once. But now with the change in situation Technology has revolutionized Teaching.

E-learning is the New Face of Education:

  1. Go-Digital:  First & foremost step is to go-digital. By going digital it simply means to be present online. For instance, certain videos of teaching can be published online or conducting exams online. It doesn’t mean just to copy & paste or replicate already taught content. Going digital will be of value only if the tactics of teaching online are kept in mind & implicated.
  2. Transition to learn Online: In order to learn online education, system & technology one has to learn to accept the changes, one has to transit from offline to online, one has to prefer online learning along with traditional ones.
  3. Advantageous for Teachers: Teaching from the comfort of home is sure shot the most desired work profile of every teacher as it makes them fatigue less, no need to travel, no need to get involved in city’s hustle-bustle, they can set their teaching goals without draining their energy in unproductive work. All they need is just a wifi & a laptop. No need of black board or physical copies of notes, features like white board & exchange notes facilities are cherry on the cake.
  4. Advantageous for Students: Students can enjoy the learning process from any corner of the world. They need not indulge in hectic routine rushing to school or coaching class. Moreover, the feature of sharing notes online makes it easier for them to refer to notes whenever they need. They can save everything on their phone or laptop. 

Features to Integrate with E-Learning:

Features are the one thing that makes it easy for people to believe in E-learning platforms for the education industry, without knowing the features of it, the significance of it shall remain underrated.

  • Flexible authentication methods: Many platforms – One login, i.e to login for conducting online classes from any platform, will require only one id, so it becomes easy for the lecturer to make use of varied platforms depending on need within friction of seconds.
  • Browsing through a wide range of courses: It’s complete ease to learn situations for students they can select from multiple courses available, can select the course of their choice, of their language, the student gets many alternatives to select the best & to study without any compromise.
  • Student Profile: Create a profile & enjoy learning, students just need to fill up basic information & can get complete access to the course of their choice.
  • Student Report: Basically entire details of students pursuing varied courses are created, so complete detail about a particular student can be obtained in the context of which course he/she is pursuing or had already pursued
  • Notifications: It is one of the prominent features, as students get notifications about each & every lecture so FOMO-fear of missing out can be overcome. Students get updates in the form of notification; hence it keeps students updated.

Apart from administrative features, there are several interactive features as well. These features help one to understand the perks on video conferencing for education.

E-learning solutions for education are a complete bundle of solutions & benefits.

Interactive Features of Online Video Platforms for Education Encompasses Many Factors Such As;

1. HQ Voice & Video Chat:

Learning has two essential requirements, listing & observing. So, to access these both features during E-Learning, a feature of voice & video chat is enabled.

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2. Enable Active Learning with Group Chat

The importance of video conferencing in education has increased due to its feature of group chat while learning. It is exactly the digitalized version of Group Studies. The benefit of this is students can study collectively, & moreover, doubts of students can also be solved collectively.

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It makes communication easy, it is a messaging solution for education, besides it is easier for the tutor to communicate while teaching, thus it is nothing different than the traditional/physical approach of learning.

3. Manage user Authorization with Role-Based Access Control

It is crucial to have access while using particular software. Features of an Online Video Education Platform has a major advantage of authorizing with role-based access control. One can control as to who can have access and who can not have access. For instance, one can deny access to chat with certain users.

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4. File and Screen Sharing for a Clear Understanding of Topics

Sharing of notes, important points, graphics, images, charts, data is also possible, files of any format, word or pdf or ppt can be shared over that software, students can access all that files & enjoy disturbance-free learning.

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5. Enhanced Interactivity with Collaborative Whiteboard

The online video solution for education is widely accepted because of this innovative feature. The feature of whiteboard enhances the interactivity, connectivity, & creativity to Online or E-learning.

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6. Broadcasting Lectures or Classes:

The significance of Videoconferencing in education has been of the utmost crucial importance as it plays a major role. With the help of video conferencing features, broadcasting of lectures is made possible. It can grab better attention from students; via broadcasting, it is made easier to adhere to mass education online.

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Thus, online learning is one such platform that makes the right of education implacable in a distinct way wherein it is easier to overcome geographical boundaries, pandemic barriers, & other hurdles. It makes it easy to provide education to students sitting in any corner of the world. E-learning platforms for the education industry are surely turning the crisis into an opportunity to adapt E-learning.

MirrorFly is one such platform that is strongly recommended by all the education seekers & providers. With help of this platform it has been to add versatility in teaching methods, as they live video chat option makes it conversation friendly mode of teaching, instant doubt solving is another key point, white board gives feeling & touch of class room teaching. Exchanging files & synopsis makes it easier for students to gel up with online teaching. MirrorFly has made it possible for many students to continue learning even in such situations. Education is never kept on a stake with a platform of MirrorFly.

The exclusive feature set of Mirrorfly is creating a difference. It is the best video conferencing software for education. The face of education is changing, it’s time to adapt the change with MirrorFly.

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