MirrorFly Revolutionizes the Largest Private Bank in India!

Published On September 26th, 2023 Product News & Updates

Across the world, enhancing employee engagement is one of the top five global strategies adopted in financial business. For a leading financial institution, communication and establishing bonds between departments within the organization is crucial.

By the implementation of Real-time communication into the banking industry, leading financial institutions in India are creating more inclusive, progressive, productive, and engagement of customers to achieve their business goals effectively. 

Chat API solutions ensure complete support to the financial industry by developing apps to help the banks communicate effectively with their clients and have an exchange of data with third-party organizations. With more than eighty-four thousand employees, India’s leading banking sector app available in the play store uses MirrorFly API to ensure real-time communication between customers and executives to have better clarification of queries and employee engagement.  

Need for Transforming employee engagement 

The financial institutions had to use basic communication tools such as calls, text messages, and E-mails for any internal collaboration. There arises a problem for the banks as it resulted in redundant to and fro status info, queries, disruption of productivity, hand-offs, and lack of engagement. In the wake of the cons of E-mail communication, enterprise chat Apps gave way to real-time communication to increase employee productivity. 

Communication APIs became the right solution for the leading financial institution by developing an internal social networking real-time solution enabling connection of their staff across the board by an active directory login setup for android and iOS applications. The MirrorFly enterprise chat app has integrated real-time communication API in their banking app to allow the conversation to be held on a real-time basis ensuring a superior level of engagement with their customers. 

Revolutionizing the leading private bank 

The integration of their Communication APIs has streamlined the process in India’s largest bank in the private sector.  The leading private sector bank applies the functionality of its APIs in various banking departments with chat, voice, video calling APIs, and much more. 

Real-time Chat

Chat APIs generate trust and reliability between the bank and its customers. Chat SDKs and messaging APIs have benefited the Clients and bank officials with individual private chats, group chats, schedule messages in advance, and share confidential multimedia content for making inquiries, resolving issues, and engaging in real-time conversation.  The customers have the privilege of raising tickets to clarify their doubts or queries with the executives of the bank.

With push notifications, any update and important announcement from the bank will reach the customers through the integration of Chat APIs into the bank App.  With customized location sharing, tracing of the location of employees to other branches or updates can be made easier.

HQ Video & Voice Call

With customized SDKs, the bank can fulfill its needs by collaborating with many customers using the voice call features. Voice call APIs ensure superior customer support in the private bank to increase engagement. This special feature has allowed the leading financial institution to communicate with unlimited calls encouraging call queuing, routing, scheduling voice conferences, and high-quality crisp voice quality among customers.

Active Directory

With its integration into the leading bank app, there has been no necessity for acquiring the contact numbers of fellow employees. It enabled them to have direct chat using the E-mail IDs and brings productive employee engagement. The users can have utmost convenience with social credentials-based login. 

Back-up and Recovery

Every phone backs up the files, chats, or any content in google drive or iCloud in a periodical manner with a fixed storage space. MirrorFly has given profound security to India’s largest bank with End-to-End encryption ensuring a high level of data protection withstanding any piracy threats or hacking threats.  

With the automatic sync and store facility, chats and files are now becoming retrievable and accessible from any device at any preferred time. It becomes easier to erase or back up any information as MirrorFly’s mandatory function promises 100% safety and round the clock back up.

MirrorFly has been managing the entire server of the leading private sector bank for superior chat functionality. Ever since the integration of their chat functionality into the platform, they hold complete access to the server storage. 

In the process of implementing the integration of the chat functionality, the entire experience has supplemented the platform even more. Real-time communication APIs were customized to fit into the existing App and Website to intensify the experience value. It reflects in expanding engagement and loyalty in the customers. 

Impact on Business 

The bank has seen an 85% increase in the financial business by connecting more than 1.5 lakh remote employees instantly using MirrorFly. It has reflected in bringing down a 50% reduction in the time consumption during the interaction and has directly increased productivity and employee engagement. With the investment in MirrorFly, the integration of in-app chat APIs has increased banking operations, progressive customer relationships, expand approachability, bring-in time efficiency, and improvise on user experience. Communication has become more streamlined across multiple business units by bringing discussions, expressing views, using groups for feedback, and in the announcement of new services and products. 


Communication is the core aspect and bank employees now demand for real-time communication with their fellow bank executives to solve their doubts or queries, and improve employee communication. It can be solved with real time communication APIs and who else than MirrorFly can be the right solution for banks?

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