Call Center vs Contact Center – How to Choose the Ideal Chat Solution To Achieve Best Customer Service Award?

Call Center Vs Contact Center Solution

So, your support team and agents are trying hard to please customers through mail and phone call one at a time.

And you have a hefty team.

You assume that we’re a contact center-not as a call center. And your agents are probably handling multiple works just more than attending calls, wait you’re on the right path with the wrong tool!

Say a Big Hello To the New Customer Support Reality!

Yes, today’s contact center is the greatest hub for all customer support where the customer expects support & satisfaction over multiple channels. When it comes to omnichannel, providing utmost customer support through customer-preferred channels increases the relationship between your agent and support.

Though most of the call centers are powered by software than the number of telephone systems available at in-house. Upgrading or choosing the right call center software for your business is a tactical process. In this article, I’ll walk you through choosing the ideal call center software solution for your business.

Before getting into the action screen, will clarify the objective;

What is Call Center Software Solution?

Call center software is a tool that helps customers to reach the businesses for their queries and support needs. The software offers phone support that enables customers to communicate with the call support team and other support teams through multiple channels including – email, text messages, and live chat.

As the inbound and outbound communication is the prime source for businesses and organizations, it’s quite understandable that what an enterprise call center software can do for you.

  • It enhances the customer service management of your organization by delivering a solution to customers’ queries quickly.
  • Increases the decision-making strategies of your support team with the help of real-time reporting features.
  • Helps in tracking calls easily & immediately, thus increases the overall efficiency and productivity.
  • Magnifies customer communication chances and relationships where customers can get the solution frequently through telephonic calls.
  • Reduces the call center cost by decreasing the resources required to handle the entire calls, automatic dialing plays a significant role.

“Your investment into a call center software is high, but the return is literally equal to peanuts.”

But, Wait!

Contact Center chat sol

Why Can’t you invest in a Contact Center Solution?

More than handling incoming and outgoing voice calls, a contact center platform helps to manage customers with both voice calls and real-time application that includes web & mobile based chat solution(instant messaging), virtual video call with customers, VoIP/SIP calls, sharing of files, email, accessing social media channel and you can do much more!

Before You go deep, Let’s understand the difference between Call Center Software and Contact Center Solutions

Call Center SoftwareContact Center Solutions
Communication is mostly on a telephonic network (only by voice).
The communication is carried on different channels (text, video & voice).
It’s completely predictive based on agent’s ideas, ineffective.
It’s a proactive action, increases customer service efficiency through reaching customers over social
The response time certainly depends on agents and issues.
It empowers self-service with IVR, Call recording and so on.
Advanced call routing increases consistency and betterment customer experience.

And How to Choose an Ideal Enterprise Contact Center Solution Based on Your Business Needs?

The contact center API you choose should empower your support team to offer top-notch customer experience and instant collaboration with the customer. On top of it, there are certain factors to be considered before choosing the right contact center solution

So, now you’re done with the basic criteria (features, functionalities) that your contact center solution must have in.

Now, here comes the billion-dollar question, how you can find perfect contact center software that suits your business needs exquisitely.

An Enterprise Contact Center Solution

Going with an Enterprise-grade contact center platform is the genuine decision that one has to move to succeed in customer support business where contact center Solution API over the call center plays the prime role.

Hence, there’s a lot of options available in the market: a new way to deploy contact center solution out-of-the-box is through integration. Call center and contact center buyers are no longer have to choose from the stable SaaS-based contact center platforms.

Now with MirrorFly’s Modern Contact Center Solution, a business or a customer can build or customize the multichannel contact center with effective features and functionalities effortlessly to meet the business needs.

What Does Your Modern Contact Center Solution Can Actually Do?

i). Scale Your Customer Service Globally:

With enterprise contact center features, you can scale elastically across different regions, different customers across the countries through functionalities such as:

1) SIP/VoIP To make Carrier Calls:

Get rid of making calls with the actual and limited budget plan to carrier networks. Go unlimited voice calls across any carrier device instantly and make concurrent calls.

2) Add Virtual Phone Numbers:

Access instantly to local, national, international, and mobile phone numbers based on your tailored business needs.

3) Engage Customers Through WebRTC:

Make virtual calls video calls to any device from your web interface and provide a better customer experience to your customers at any time.

ii). Communicate Through Multiple Channels

1) Make Real-time Chat With Customers:

Make instant web and mobile chat with customers to transfer rich information over a secure chat screen.

2) Give them in-person experience with Video Call:

Make face-to-face video interaction with your customers for information sharing, visual solutions right from any device (App or Web).

3) Reach Customers on their device with Voice Calls:

Enable customers to schedule calls over the internet from their phone, website or app to engage and offer instant support to their queries over any device.

4) Interact With Customers On Social Platforms:

Enable customers to schedule calls over the internet from their phone, website or app to engage and offer instant support to their queries over any device

iii). Enhance Customer Experience

1) Multi-level IVR To Direct On-going Calls:

Route your customer calls to the relative support team through a self-service system. Greet customers with an interactive voice response (IVR) system to customize the call flow to the right person or team to solve their needs in a much quicker way.

2) Monitor Every Single Call With Call Recording:

Track the entire calls of your customer’s conversation to analyze your communication effort and take up decisions to improve your customer experience.

3) A Real-time Hub To Monitor On-going Calls:

Manage your entire calls and call center within a real-time dashboard. Analyze the list of live calls, calls queues taking place between your customer and agent to optimize the performance of your call center.

4. Centralized Management Hub To Control Overall Calls:

Optimize your entire contact center with a real-time and virtual contact center management to operate calls and analyze the performance of your team.

Now, Why You Should Go With Modern API Based Contact Center Solution?

1. Customization has been the Prime

When you build a modern contact center with all several communication channels and features, you have the opportunity and freedom to customize the contact center solution based on the exact user experience that your customers would love to experience.

Let it be communication channels (voice, video & chat, SIP/VoIP), UI/UX, other functionalities, you can design it according to your desired needs and drive better customer experience.

2. On-Premise/Cloud-Hosted Contact Center Solution

Whatever the hosting possibilities, whether you want your data to be available on cloud or could be managed entirely under your premises with robust security, Modern contact center API is ready with any hosting flexibility.

3. One-time License Cost For Entire Platform

Pay only for the features, communication channels that your business demands. Get rid of the monthly subscription-based options, own the entire contact center platform armed with all communication channels and features.

Just pay once for all the communication channels, features, and functionalities, experience unlimited calls right from your contact center Application to customers’ devices.

What are the Industries Modern Contact Center API Supports?

Delivering the best customer experience is the key soul of any industry. Upgrading the call center software with a virtual contact center solution would be the best ever decision that an organization can take to offer the utmost customer service and excel in the business. Here are some top industries that have seen sublime growth using the contact center platform.

Modern Contact Center for Business Process Outsourcing
  • It helps to convert the call into actionable insights through contacting across all channels.
  • Increases the trustworthiness of the agents by offering extensive customer support.
  • Seamless synchronization with CRM helps to locate contacts quickly and increases efficiency.
Real-time Contact Center for Healthcare Services
  • Offers premium customer service to patients right from any device, anywhere and anytime.
  • It helps patients to choose preferable communication medium, sharing of bills, details, etc.
  • Assist staff in offering personalized care through virtual video calls that act as an in-person interaction.
  • Virtual healthcare customer service agents support great patient outcomes at every step in their journey.
Contact Center For Telecommunication Customer Services
  • The cloud contact center platform replaces the traditional calling methods with internet (VoIP/SIP) calling where offering customer service is significant in telecom.
  • Reduces the call rate and helps in offering the best possible customer experience through video call interactions.
  • Manage the entire call customer calls within one single software where the agents can work peacefully and effectively.
Ideal Contact Center for On-demand Services
  • The Food industry sees the highest competition where the food delivery platforms can reach out to customers across multiple communication mediums.
  • With instant interaction with customers, restaurants and on-demand platforms can collect feedback and improvise business to take corrective decisions on different situations.

Modern Contact Center API

Your First Step To Empower Your Call Center Agents & Customers

Investing in a contact center solution isn’t a great deal, choosing the right one for your business is a big deal. Choosing the ideal one requires great thinking not just about the current strategy & need of your business but also the future needs. You’ll have to choose the software which will add value to your business, grow your customer service strategy and meet the expectation of your customers regarding the services. Make sure your software will empower your customer support team and agents to offer the best possible customer service & experience.

Contact Center Solution
Parthiba is a Product Marketer, helping providers of the various industries like healthcare, education, etc., to elevate their conversation value with the help of powerful communication solutions to drive better communication experience.