MirrorFly Update: Improved Call SDK with One-to-One Audio Calls for React Native

Published On March 15th, 2024 Product News & Updates

MirrorFly being a leading in-app communication suite, makes regular improvisations and enhancements to its SDKs across platforms. This time, we’re thrilled to announce the latest update to our SDK, focusing on enhancing audio communication within React Native applications. With this addition, we’re introducing an array of features designed to elevate user experience and streamline audio calls for modern-day apps. 

React Native is a cross-platform framework and is highly popular with app development across Android, iOS, and web platforms. React Native is well-known for its cross-platform compatibility, quick app development, utilizes reusable components, and supports multiple third-party plugins. Its developer-friendliness and cost-effectiveness makes it a leading choice for app developers. 

What’s New in Our Call SDKs for React Native?

Due to high demand for in-app communication in React Native apps, we’ve added voice calling capabilities to improve the conversational experiences for app users. 

(i) Seamless One-to-One Audio Calls for React Native

Our enhanced SDKs for React Native now empowers users to initiate and receive one-to-one audio calls seamlessly, regardless of their app’s state – whether in the foreground, background, and killed for both iOS & Android platforms. This ensures uninterrupted communication, allowing users to stay connected at all times, without any hassle through high-quality voice calling

(ii) Enhanced Audio Control

We understand the importance of providing users with complete control over their audio experience. With our latest update, users can effortlessly mute or unmute audio during a call, ensuring privacy and convenience. Furthermore, they can effortlessly switch between various audio output options – including the earpiece, speaker, and wired headset – based on their preferences and surroundings.

(iii) Call Management Made Easy

Our updated SDK makes call management a breeze. Users can easily disconnect a call at any time without disruptions. The audio quality is well controlled and optimized for increased interactions and engagement within React Native apps. With our improved features, call management is quick and flexible, thus amplifying voice calling experience for app users.

The Future of Our React Native Call SDKs

As far as React Native apps are concerned, the market for in-app audio call SDKs is still evolving and we are proud to be pioneers in facilitating exceptional voice communication features for the apps built on this popular framework. 

In the coming days, we aim to introduce group chats, group calling, and video calling UI Kit, in addition to the existing chat and audio call functionalities for React Native. We also seek to bring in modern-day mobile app features such as picture-in-picture features that lets app users easily multi-task without disruption. 

Further Improvements to Our Call SDKs

Other enhancements we’ve worked on include,

(i) Reconnection Detection and Notification

Our SDK now boasts advanced capabilities to detect when a user goes offline due to network or external issues. It broadcasts a “reconnecting” event to other participants in audio and video calls, ensuring consistent communication through the signaling channel.

(ii) UI Updates

The call UI has been revamped to provide real-time feedback to participants. It listens for the “reconnecting” status from the signal server and displays a visual indicator, keeping everyone informed about the ongoing reconnection process.

(iii) Seamless Rejoining

Once the user reconnects to the Internet, they can seamlessly rejoin the existing call bridge without any additional steps. Upon successful reconnection, an event is sent to other participants, notifying them of the user’s return.

(iv) Dynamic Status Updates

Our call listener now recognizes the reconnected user and dynamically updates their status in the UI for other participants. This transition from “Reconnecting” to “Connected” provides clarity and reassurance to all participants.

Key Takeaways

(i) Improved User Experience

Users can now experience smoother handling of temporary network outages, leading to a more seamless communication experience.

(ii) Increased Transparency

By informing participants of ongoing reconnection attempts, we ensure transparency and keep everyone in the loop.

(iii) Reduced Disruption

With faster recovery times and reduced call disruption, our enhanced SDKs ensure uninterrupted communication for all participants.

For more information on the updates discussed here, feel free to draw inspiration from our documentation and demo apps.

  1. Android: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/audio-video/android/v2/quick-start/
  2. iOS: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/audio-video/ios/v2/quick-start/
  3. Web: https://www.mirrorfly.com/docs/audio-video/web/quick-start/
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