Call View Widget#

When it comes to the call widget, in Flutter, we need a widget to render the video track and audio tracks. For that purpose, we have the MirrorFlyView widget. This widget helps us handle the call feature in our plugin. You can use this widget and its properties to work with the call view.

key: UniqueKey(),
userJid: USER_JID,
alignProfilePictureCenter: PROFILE_PIC_ALIGN,
viewBgColor: Color,
profileSize: SIZE,
onClick: () {
//Event For Touch Gesture on the View
).setBorderRadius(const BorderRadius.all(Radius.circular(RADIUS_VALUE)));
keyUniqueKeyKey For managing the state
USER_JIDStringUser Jid of the User in Call
PROFILE_PIC_ALIGNBooleanAlign the Profile Picture of the Caller at centre/top, default TRUE
ColorColorBackground Color for the View. Ex: Color(0xff0D2852);
SIZEintSize of the Profile Image to show in Audio Call, default 80
RADIUS_VALUEdoubleSize of the Border Radius

Note : When an audio call is switched to a video call using the methods available at Call Features, MirrorFlyView will handle itself.