Push Notification

Note: Please upload your VOIP Certificate to our Console. To know more how to generate and upload VOIP Certificate Click Here.

To receive calls in the background and in killed state, kindly register for voip notification by conforming to the following delegates in the AppDelegate PKPushRegistryDelegate.

Goto Project -> Target -> Signing & Capabilities -> Click + at the top left corner -> Search for the capabilities below
Voice over IP


Update VOIP token#

Update your VOIP token using the below methods when an VOIP token gets updated.

func pushRegistry(_ registry: PKPushRegistry, didUpdate pushCredentials: PKPushCredentials, for type: PKPushType) {
//VOIP Token Update
let deviceToken = pushCredentials.token.reduce("") { $0 + String(format: "%02X", $1) }
TOKENApns or Voip Token

Process VOIP request#

With the didReceiveIncomingPushWith method, you will receive the call payload. In order to continue processing the call, you must send the payload to the SDK method below.

func pushRegistry(_ registry: PKPushRegistry, didReceiveIncomingPushWith payload: PKPushPayload, for type: PKPushType, completion: @escaping () -> Void) {
PAYLOADPayload Dictionary