Get group details

To get the details of a group use below API.


{api-base-url} can be obtained from the MirrorFly console.

HTTP request#

curl -X GET "https://{api-base-url}/api/v1/group/groupDetails?groupId=sampleId"
-H "accept: */*"
-H "Authorization: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

Request Params#

groupIdStringYesId of the group to get its details


If successful, this action returns vcard of the given groupId.

"status": 200,
"data": {
"vcards": {
"username": "Sample group name",
"lusername": "Sample group name",
"nickName": "Sample user",
"lnickName": "Sample user",
"fn": "First name",
"lfn": "First name",
"email": "",
"lemail": "",
"image": "sample image url",
"limage": "sample image url",
"isBlock": 0,
"family": "",
"lfamily": "",
"given": "",
"lgiven": "",
"middle": "",
"lmiddle": "",
"bday": "Date of birth",
"lbday": "Date of birth",
"ctry": "Country",
"lctry": "Country",
"locality": "Locality",
"llocality": "Locality",
"imageprivacy": "",
"limageprivacy": "",
"status": "1",
"lstatus": "",
"mobilenumber": "99xxxxxx11",
"lmobilenumber": "",
"orgname": "",
"lorgname": "",
"orgunit": "",
"lorgunit": "",
"designation": "",
"ldesignation": "",
"coverimg": "",
"lcoverimg": ""
"message": "Data retrieved successfully"


In the case of an error, an error object like below is returned.

When the token passed in Headers is expired

"status": 401,
"message": "Token Expired"

In the case of a Bad Request, an error message is returned

"status": 400,
"message": "Error Message"