MirrorFly SDK License key

How to setup license key?#

MirrorFly's SDK and sample app requires License key activation and integration to continue using the chat and call features. This page will help you in getting your licence key for sample app or for purchased product.

It is mandatory to get your License key for both paid and trail user (sample app) usage. Please find below the methods and process of setting your control panel account and get your License key in MirrorFly.

Step 1: Register yourself with MirrorFly control panel#

Registering with MirrorFly is simple process either you are planning to try our sample apps or purchasing the product. If you like to try our sample app as trial user or paid users you can reach us at growth@contus.in to setup your account.

Step 2: Using license key#

Purchased or trial SDK must be authenticated by MirrorFly server using License Key. For this, you must use the master License Key in your dashboard under Settings > License Key, which is generated when an account has been created. The master License Key can't be revoked or changed.

Trial user#

All our platform trial app requires License key, that need to be integrated with source code supplied here in the download sample app section here.

Note: You will also get a free access to our Control Panel and manage your License key, downloads, Upgrade to Payment User etc.,

Paid user#

Step and usage of license key is different from trial user as the backend server used while as trail user was MirrorFly sandbox. Once you purchase MirrorFly chat and call solution we provide you the complete package of setting up your own servers, for that you must use the master license key under Settings > License Key from your control panel.

All server setup documents, microservices other dependant application images will be found under Downloads in your control panel.

In case of any quesries you can reach our customer support team.