iOS ChatSDK Changelog

It typically includes information about new features, bug fixes, and other updates that have been made. The format of a changelog can vary, but it is usually organized in reverse chronological order, with the most recent changes listed first.


  • Join call via link bug fixes
  • Deleted user in recent chat bug fixes
  • Performance improvements


  • Chat history Bugs fixes


  • Minimum iOS SDK deployment version set to 13.0
  • Bugs fixes and Performance improvements

New Feature

  • Chat conversation history
    • ChatManager.enableChatHistory()
  • New method for Chat SDK Initialization
    • ChatManager.initializeSDK()
  • ContactManager.shared.updateMyProfile() now supports remote image URL


  • ChatSDK andGroupConfig classes were deprecated.(Should use ChatManager.initializeSDK())


New Feature

  • New Method for sending Text message
    • FlyMessenger.sendTextMessage(TextMessage)
  • New method for sending Media Message
    • FlyMessenger.sendFileMessage(FileMessageParams)


    • FlyMessenger.sendTextMessage(TO_JID, TEXT, REPLY_MESSAGE_ID, MENTION_IDS)
    • FlyMessenger.sendLocationMessage(TO_JID, LATITUDE, LONGITUDE, REPLY_MESSAGE_ID)
    • FlyMessenger.sendDocumentMessage(TO_JID, MEDIA_DATA, REPLY_MESSAGE_ID)
    • FlyMessenger.sendVideoMessage(TO_JID, MEDIA_DATA, REPLY_MESSAGE_ID, MENTION_IDS)
    • FlyMessenger.sendImageMessage(TO_JID, MEDIA_DATA, REPLY_MESSAGE_ID, MENTION_IDS)
    • FlyMessenger.sendAudioMessage(TO_JID, MEDIA_DATA,IS_RECORDED,REPLY_MESSAGE_ID)


  • Bugs fixes
  • Error Codes and validation messages were refactored for Quick Start methods

New Feature

  • Enabling App Group has been made optional. To set app group container call the below method
    • ChatManager.setAppGroupContainerId()

Api Changes

  • MetaData for an user can be added during Registration. And users can be filtered based on that while fetching
    • ChatManager.registerApiService()
    • ContactManager.shared.getUsersList()


  • ChatSDK Xcode IDE version compatibility set to 14.1 and above
  • Bugs fixes and Performance improvements

New Feature

  • Chat SDK published as a pod in Cocoapods. Pod name was "MirrorFlySDK"
  • Users can be mentioned in a group chat conversation

Api Changes

  • New properties added in ChatMessage model


  • Chat SDK will handle connection lifecycle of Chat Server.The following Methods were deprecated and should be removed from the UI
    • ChatManager.makeXMPPConnection()
    • ChatManager.disconnectXMPPConnection()


  • Bugs fixes and Performance improvements

New Feature

  • Backup and restore Conversation data with iCloud
  • App's badge count will be incremented for unread messages

Api Changes

  • Optional param userType added in ChatManager.registerApiService()
  • Combined multiple(7) sdk xcframeworks into single MirrorFlySDK.xcframework.