Group Info

Group Info#

Group Info is a feature that allows users to View Group Name, Member Count and list of group members of group the header of chat component to navigate the group info screen.

Note : If Group chat feature is unavailable for your plan then it will not display in Chat Conversation Screen in Mirrorfly-Uikit.

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Make Admin#

After clicking the header of chat component navigate to the group info screen.

Note : Make Admin option will be shown only if the current user is admin.

Follow the below steps to Make a participant as admin in a group :

Step 1 : We drag over the mouse pointer to the right corner of the participant list the menu icon is displayed.

Step 2 : We click on the menu icon drop down option will be shown as below attachment.


Step 3 : When we click on "Make admin" option It shows confirmation popup, If you click the make group admin button from popup, selected user will be changed as admin in the group.