Recent Chats List

The MFUIRecentChatListViewController is a class that is used to build a recent chats list view. Once the client app is connected to MirrorFly server, the class is called and a list of Chats in the client app is displayed. All chat services built with MirrorFly UIKit begin from the recent chats list.

Module Components#

In the MFUIRecentChatListViewController class, MFUIRecentChatListModule and its components are used to create and display the chat list view. The module is composed of two components: headerComponent and listComponent.

Property nameType

When the loadView() method of the view controller is called, the module components get added to the view in the setupView() method of the MirrorFly UIKit's view life cycle. Then, the configure() method of each module component is called to set the property values and display the view.

Header Component#

The headerComponent includes a Recent chat title, a back button that takes the user to the previous view. Each property corresponds to the module elements in the navigation bar of MFUIRecentChatViewController.

The following table shows the parameters of the configure() method of the headerComponent.

Parameter nameType

List Component#

The listComponent shows a list of all recent chat that the current user has. The following table shows the parameters of the configure() method of the listComponent.

Parameter nameType

View Model#

The MFUIRecentChatListViewController class uses a view model that is a type of the MFUIRecentChatListViewModel class. The view model is created in the initializer of the view controller through the createViewModel(recentChatList) method. When the view model object is created, it retrieves message list data from Chat SDK to the view controller and updates the view through the ChatListViewModel(_:didChangeChatList:needsToReload) event.

The following table shows the parameters list of the createViewModel method

Parameter nameType