Image Attachment


You can send the image attachments by clicking the attachments icon in the Chat screen of the user whom you are chatting with. On selecting the Gallery from the Actionsheet menu, you can select the images from the phone gallery.


On clicking Done after having selected the images, the app lands into the image preview screen (MFUIImageEditController).

Note : You can select maximum of five media files to send at a time.

The MFUIImageEditController should get initialised with the array of images that the user picked from the Gallery.

func moveToImageEdit(images: [ImageData],isPushVc: Bool) {
let vc = MFUIImageEditController.init(imagesArray: images)
self.navigationController?.pushViewController(vc, animated: true)
vc.selectedAssets = self.selectedAssets
vc.delegate = self



The following items are key elements of MFUIImageEditController that are used to create the image preview screen.

Module components#

In the MFUIImageEditController class, MFUIImageEditModule and its components are used to create and display the image preview screen. The module is composed of two components: headerComponent and inputComponent. Also MFUIImageEditController has a collection view to hold the selected images in the preview screen.

Property nameType