In-app Messaging: What Will It Bring To The Table for Businesses in 2020?

in app messaging growth

The open rate of in-app messages is always high. According to Techpedia, 83% of messages sent have been seen within 3 minutes. The overall success rate of real-time messaging is 98%.

These stats aren’t surprising where the overall world mobile user is around 5.11 billion. The real-time messaging creates better opportunities for businesses to connect with customers and prospects to communicate effectively.

The messaging channels (Text, Video & Voice Calls) are setting up new trends. However, the businesses around the world have already leveraged the in-app messaging to interact, engage and create revenue with their consumers on a day to day basis.

Enterprises are continuously adopting the usage of real-time instant messaging which is the second-highest used mobile messaging platform by consumers. Thus, In-app messaging apps are creating new trends for various industries in 2020.

In-app Messaging Is Setting Up New Trends for Different Industries

In-app Messaging for On-demand Apps

As the demand for on-demand mobile solutions is increasing, e-commerce and other on-demand apps like food delivery apps, medicine delivery, and Taxi-hailing apps have begun to communicate with their customers in real-time. Direct communication between the users and on-demand delivery executives will simplify the overall efficiency of on-demand apps by 62%.

In-app Messaging Makes A Better Way to Support On-demand Apps

  • Humanizes the overall booking services in taxi and food delivery
  • Reduces the booking cancellations
  • Reduce call and SMS cost
  • Monitors the entire conversation for any mishaps

In-app Messaging for Educational Platforms

Interactivity is one of the significant factors for a student’s growth in E-learning platforms. According to the UNESCO data, there are almost 1.29 billion students worldwide where the corresponding teachers’ ratio is less. Establishing a strong communication chain between the students and tutors would increase the efficiency of the teacher’s availability and transform the learning experience. The In app messaging feature leverages the online education industry by creating virtual classrooms, online tutoring, conferences, webinars and much more.

In-app Messaging Establishes Strong Relationship Between Students & Tutors

  • Brings the students and tutors on the same page
  • Increases the productivity of every Group Discussion
  • One Tutors Connects with Millions of Students at a time
  • Boost Learning Curves through different communication channels

In-app Messaging for Healthcare Industry

Direct and instant communication can reduce medical errors by 50% and can save up to $53 billion for the medical industry annually. In-app messaging is completely evolving the entire communication of the healthcare industry by bringing doctors and patients in a closed loop to interact at any time and from anywhere. Better and reliable communication may drive better patient outcomes.

in-app messaging

In-app Messaging Facilitates Better Patient Outcome

  • Provides better care to patients at own residence
  • Reduce Patient’s travel expenses
  • Facilitates Personalized monitoring
  • Medical access to remote patients as well
  • Increase the accuracy of diagnosis

In-app Messaging for Social Community Platforms

The key to every community and social apps are the communication channels it offers to connect millions of users in real-time. Engaging users reletensleely is a significant factor for the growth of several social community apps in the market like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram which has 2.14 billion active monthly users. In app messaging creates a symbiotic relationship between brands and customers. Some top brands have propelled their business growth with the help of in app messaging functionalities.

The Growth of Top Brands With In-app Messaging

  • Twitter Strengthened It’s Global Office Voice Connectivity & Saved 72% of Total Expenses on Voice Calls through SIP Trunking
  • Instagram Towers It’s Growth of About 15% of Facebook’s Ad Revenue by Introducing Enriched Video Chat Feature
  • PUBG Maximizes the Collaboration & User Engagement 3x times of It’s actual Through Text & Voice Call Integration

According to wikibizpedia, the enterprise messaging market has grown around $70 Billion in 2019 and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 16%. The Apex Market Research has analyzed and segregated top global instant messaging and chat software by geographical regions where MirrorFly has been recognized as the second biggest instant messaging in the global market.

In-app Messaging growth
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