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Secured Real Time Communication CONTUS MirrorFly

The evolution of the digital world has fetched us closer contact with easier and faster communication from wherever we are.

At the same time, cyber-attacks are also growing through emails, SMS, voice and video calls as well.

Concerning that, WhatsApp too updated its privacy policy with end-to-end encryption, responding to the revelations that the messaging platform is sharing its user data with Facebook and other third-party apps.

End-to-End Encryption (E2EE) is the most significant feature for all the real-time chat applications. E2EE is the building block of data security and the simplest way to ensure a digital system’s material can be read by someone else or stolen.

E2EE communication system principally prevents the user’s information, including your internet provider, telecom service provider, and the real-time chat service provider like CONTUS Mirrorfly to protect the communication between users, and not allowing anyone to read or access your messages.

How does a normal real-time messenger Encryption work?

  • To initiate, the Sender forms an encrypted connection with the messenger’s server.
  • After that, the Sender will submit the encrypted message to real-time chat’s servers.
  • The real-time messenger decrypts the messages and stocks it on their servers.
  • And then, the messenger’s servers form an encrypted connection with the receiver.
  • Finally, the receiver downloads the message via an encrypted connection. 

CONTUS MirrorFly’s Encryption Strategy

The end-to-end encryption facilitates the type of encrypted communication that only the sender and recipient can read or view. It allows no one in the middle including the internet provider, server provide, messaging service provider can read/decrypt messages being sent from one device to another.

SSL Encryption Chat

CONTUS MirrorFly is absolutely secured within an established network that ensures the connectivity to and fro with 256-bit SSL encryption. It fortifies all the data passed between the application and server that makes it confidential.

SSL Pinning

The certificate pinning provides the security for your chat platform as it improves SSL encryption. It thus generates a specific cryptographic identity that permits users to accept while accessing the messaging application.

HIPAA compatibility

Your entire data will be protected against message forgery and data exposure with HIPAA compliant chat api to protect sensitive data shared in the application.


Our real-time communication tool doesn’t disclose any personal information, chat or conversation to children under 13 years of age, respecting the COPPA complaint.


The General Data Protection Regulation has been infused in the CONTUS Mirrorfly tool to grant the control and privacy protection for EU citizens to access the real-time chat application, irrespective of their locations.

Token authentication

To improve security, the CONTUS Mirrorfly app generates token access for users, if they want to connect with the app with unique access codes for every login.

Two-step Verification

We makes sure that a two-step verification is done with a process that involves the user’s password and a code sent to the user’s device.

Authorization Scheme

We involves authorization schemes that controls unauthorized access to any chat or data within the app by collecting credentials and identity of the users.

End to End encryption is a must have for business markets


The E2EE offers banking business with a security for their customer data during any payment process and any other transaction. And it helps the bankers to reduce the risk of fraud and attack by processing the encrypted transactions while handling the customer data.


Doctors can connect with patients in real time via message, video and voice calling with complete security over the PHI (Protected Health Information). CONTUS MirrorFly ensures that every clause laid by HIPAA is kept integral and anyone can use it without compromising over the security, quality, and privacy.


E2EE communication provides security during Client on boarding, invoice and VAT submissions, approvals of annual accounts, KYC information and financial transactions.


Allow secure file sharing using strong encryption to transfer study materials and store it in the cloud. Educational institutions are the primary target for cyber thieves.

Reports state that there were 113 educational data breaches reported in 2019. It resulted in the exposure of more than 2.2 million individual records and threatens to expose even more data.

For additional security, the educational institutions should also consider demanding students and teachers to connect via a secure VPN, such as CONTUS MirrorFly’s VPN to safely connect with online classes and resources, even from non-secure public hotspots.

The Security of your real-time communication- Ensured!

CONTUS MirrorFly is a robust and secure communications platform with end-to-end encryption and provides you with HIPAA Compliant communication tools. We facilitates safe and secure communication without compromising quality. 

We provide customised solutions such as design and business metrics according to your company standards and priorities.

Hence, when it comes to secured communications, undoubtedly CONTUS MirrorFly stands first in the league with cent per cent accuracy.

Secured Communication CONTUS MirrorFly

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