Telehealth Will Stay Forever, Here’s Why.

Impact of telehealth services in the healthcare world

Though Covid-19 pandemic appears to be the headlines across the globe, patients are still falling sick due to other diseases and injuries. And this has led the doctors to treat the patients with other kinds of ways that can minimize the patient-doctor contact.

When it comes to minimizing the physical contact between the doctor and the patient, Telehealth plays a major role in the healthcare sector that aids the patients to consult the doctors through virtual care.

According to IBIS world, the industry’s revenue has grown by 34.7 percent from 2014 to 2019. The market size was around 45 billion dollars in 2019, but it’s estimated to grow  more than 175 billion dollars by 2026.

Telehealth and its importance

Telehealth is the use of digital technology to manage your health care by accessing the care services remotely with the help of gadgets such as mobile devices and computers. It has aided extensive access to healthcare at a time when the pandemic has brutally restricted patients’ ability to visit their doctors. Actions taken by healthcare leaders today will regulate if the full potential of telehealth is comprehended after the crisis has passed.

Telehealth services intend to prevent disease, support patients monitor and help patients to manage chronic conditions by reducing the cost of healthcare, and also make the medicines more customized to individuals.

By implementing these goals, Telehealth benefits both healthcare providers, as well as their patients. It is expected that telehealth will permit the patients to progress their lifestyle and health for extended periods, thus resulting in fewer doctor visits.

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Key technology trends that builds Telehealth

Real-time communication

Real-time Telehealth makes it easy to do a doctor-patient visit anytime, anywhere. Real-time telehealth solutions include any two-way communications (including real-time chat, voice calling, video calling and video conferencing) that let healthcare providers and patients communicate in real-time. Through real-time telehealth services, assessments of medical history, psychiatric calculations, basic visual inspections and even ophthalmic tests can be examined. 

Remote healthcare services

Telehealth is rapidly growing high in the market over the last few years as it treats patients under several genres like dermatology, neurology, psychiatry, gynecology and mental health demands. Various healthcare providers are planning to outsource their role by utilizing telehealth services.

Adapting new technologies

When it comes to Telehealth, the healthcare sector is influenced by modern technologies; one amid them is the 5G network. It has the ability to transmute the whole healthcare ecosystem. Healthcare providers will require these kinds of technological advancements as they will share medical images, conduct virtual meetings and monitor the patient remotely by using Telehealth systems. Healthcare requirements such as medicines, equipment and other multiple needs can also be catered by utilizing real-time communication systems.

Influence of Artificial Intelligence

Impact of the AI in the healthcare apps has become significant for most of the healthcare providers. It helps them to set automated messages for new patients who contact from afar, as the doctor might be busy with their existing patients at the hospital sometimes. The AI-powered technology aids the doctors to support patients with medications, treatments, mental health conditions, etc. Above all, the AI will also boost the speed and helps the doctor to determine the accurate diagnosis of the patient too.

How CONTUS MirrorFly helps benefit the Telehealth Industry?

With CONTUS Mirrorfly’s customizable chat APIs & SDKs, your healthcare application will empower patients to reach out to you anytime, anywhere.

realtime chat communication for telehealth

1-to-1 Doctor-patient Chat

Instant conversations always show greater results when it comes to healthcare. Whether it’s a conversation between a doctor-patient or a doctor to doctor conversation, they can make use of the CONTUS MirrorFly’s chat, voice calling, video calling and conferencing features to interact between them. It will result in easy diagnosis of the patient’s disease and aid them for better recoveries within fewer consultations as the whole process happens in real-time.

Scale Video Calls across the globe

CONTUS MirrorFly’s video conferencing feature delivers a swift and easy virtual meeting solution that enables the doctors to meet face to face and connect with other doctors around the world. They can share their screens while making presentations within just a click away. It will aid the doctors to formulate a useful collaboration as the CONTUS MirrorFly’s feature enables them to work effectively by connecting from anywhere, anytime and through any device.

Sharing Medical Images

Healthcare providers always take important steps to streamline when it comes to sharing medical images. With the use of CONTUS MirrorFly, the healthcare staffs as well as the patients can exchange and share images such as MRIs, X-rays, other scan reports and multiple records instantly. It will help the doctors to monitor the history of the patient and treat them accordingly. They can also send across the medical records to other senior doctors to assess the records and pledge the accurate treatment for a specific disease at the earliest possible.

Consistent tracking of patients reports

Healthcare providers can send instant updates to patients by using the telehealth services through push notifications. It will be helpful for the patients as well as doctors to keep a track of their next consultation since they get automated reminders from the healthcare app. The conversation such as chat, voice, video call between doctor and patient are recorded for future references and to re-start the treatment further.

Security built for healthcare standards

With CONTUS MirrorFly’s security infrastructure, no stone goes unturned into your healthcare data as we support HIPAA compatibility. It ensures the entire patient’s sensitive data is protected against data exposure and privacy configuration with end-to-end encryption. Our real-time messaging platform is integrated with reliable infrastructure that encrypts all the data transferred between the apps and servers to protect from unwanted access.


The requisite to move care closer to communities and the probability of future viruses are changing the infrastructure of health care. A rapid shift to telehealth might increase access to many patients across the globe. Therefore, investing in telehealth is much more required than ever before. And CONTUS MirrorFly aids you achieve, just the way you need it.

Importance of Telehealth

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