Mirrorfly Clients
Mirrorfly Clients

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100% Customizable SDKs

100% Customizable SDKs

Choose any video, voice, or chat feature from our self-hosted SDKs and customize features that suit your brand.

Whitelabel Solution

White-label Solution

Avail our video, voice, and chat SDK features but have your brand’s logo, fonts, and colors on them, without losing your brand identity and style.

One-time License Cost

One-time License Cost

Get our SDK license key by paying only once and from there, take complete ownership of our video, voice, and chat features.

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Hire Dedicated Team

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Only SaaS and Self Hosted Video, Voice & Chat SDK provider in the world!

  • low latency sdk for android apps

    Low Latency

    We deliver a best-in-industry average response time of 3s and a latency less than 100 ms even during unstable network connectivity.

  • secure chat sdk for ios apps

    High Security & Privacy

    Develop a secure in-app communication infrastructure with End-to-end Encryption, HIPAA compatibility & GDPR compliance.

  • easy integration for web apps

    Easy Integration

    Our easy-to-use APIs can help you add powerful in-app features to enrich every interaction that takes place across you web. Watch Demo

  • cross-platform chat sdk

    Multi-platform Development

    Add in-app functionalities to your app that can run on multiple devices and operating systems like Android, iOS and web applications.

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< 100ms

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Rapidly Ship In-App Video, Voice & Chat Experiences

MirrorFly powers the future of business communications with a robust platform that scales

MirrorFly Video Call

Endorse Flawless Face-to-face Video Calling Experience

Cater hassle-free video calls to individuals and teams with our highly scalable SDKs. Add robust features like incoming call notifications, connection status, and call logs with built-in security encryptions. Deliver high-definition video call experiences with ultra-low latencies & an average response time less than 100 ms.

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MirrorFly Voice Call

Crystal-clear Voice Call SDK To Elevate User Engagement

Get unlimited voice call features and transform your app into an interactive space for endless user interaction. Avail robust voice calling features with crisp audio clarity, call muting, and notifications, at scale. Give users a secure conversational experience across any device or platform they use with our end-to-end encryption protocols

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MirrorFly Chat SDK

In-App Chat SDK For Powerful Messaging Experience

Add our in-app chat SDK and elevate user engagement across your web and mobile apps. Drive billions of conversations with modern features like 1:1 chat, group chat, offline messaging, translation, stickers & emojis. Keep privacy and security intact with encryption protocols and industry-grade compliances.

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Enterprise-Grade Encryption For Secure Communication

Build secure conversational experiences with our robust encryption protocols and industry-grade compliances.

Ironclad Security & Privacy Standards

best chat security for mobile apps

Whatever be the size of your app, MirrorFly ensures that every conversation is end-to-end encrypted.

Our security layers are built with End-to-end Encryption including AES 256 and SSL protocols along with GDPR and HIPAA compliance

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best chat security for mobile apps

High Scalability & Performance

chat analytics features

Drive more than 1B+ conversations across any web and mobile apps with our highly scalable video, voice and chat SDKs.

Scale our in-app communication features flexibly, as your user base grows.

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chat analytics features
  1. override fun onCreate() {
  2. super.onCreate();
  3. //activity to open when use clicked from notification
  4. //activity to open when a user logout from the app.
  5. ChatManager.startActivity = MainActivity::class.java
  6. //for chat logging
  7. LogMessage.enableDebugLogging(BuildConfig.DEBUG)
  8. .....
  9. }
  10. FlyCore.registerUser(USER_IDENTIFIER, FCM_TOKEN) { isSuccess, throwable, data ->
  11. if(isSuccess) {
  12. val responseObject = data.get("data") as JSONObject
  13. // Get Username, password and Auth token from the object
  14. } else {
  15. // Register user failed print throwable to find the exception details.
  16. }
  17. }
  18. ChatConnectionManager.initialize(USERNAME, SECRET_KEY, XMPP_DOMAIN, XMPP_HOST, XMPP_PORT)
  19. ChatManager.makeXMPPConnection()
  1. const SDK = window.SDK;
  2. export default SDK;
  3. import SDK from "./SDK";
  4. const initializeObj = {
  5. xmppSocketHost:`HOST`,
  6. xmppSocketPort:`PORT`,
  7. ssl `SSL`,
  8. encryptKey:`ENCRYPT_KEY`,
  9. apiBaseUrl:`API_URL`,
  10. licenseKey:`LICENSE_KEY`,
  11. isSandbox:`SANDBOX_MODE`,
  12. callbackListeners:{},
  13. signalServer:`SIGNAL_SERVER`,
  14. janusUrl:`JANUS_URL`,
  15. };
  16. await SDK.initializeSDK(initializeObj);
  17. await SDK.register(`USER_IDENTIFIER`);
  18. await SDK.login(`USERNAME`, `PASSWORD`);

  1. let groupConfig = try? GroupConfig.Builder
  2. .enableGroupCreation(groupCreation: true)
  3. .onlyAdminCanAddOrRemoveMembers(adminOnly: true)
  4. .setMaximumMembersInAGroup(membersCount: 200)
  5. .build()
  6. ChatSDK.Builder.enableContactSync(isEnable: true)
  7. .setDomainBaseUrl(baseUrl: "YOUR API BASE URL")
  8. .setMaximumPinningForRecentChat(maxPinChat: 4)
  9. .setGroupConfiguration(groupConfig: groupConfig!)
  10. .deleteMediaFromDevice(delete: true)
  11. .setAppGroupContainerID(containerID: "YOUR GROUP CONTAINER ID")
  12. .buildAndInitialize()
  13. ChatManager.shared.initialize(username: USERNAME, secretKey:SECRET_KEY, xmppDomain: XMPP_DOMAIN, xmppPort: XMPP_PORT)
  14. ChatManager.makeXMPPConnection()
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Based in Thailand, TrueID is a leading entertainment app that has over 25 million users. TrueID partnered with MirrorFly to add communication features to their app, so that users can chat, engage and interact with each other.

  • 68% Increase in retention
    rate of viewers
  • 55% Rise in user
  • 68% Increase in viewership
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“We are happy in working with CONTUS TECH Team for over 3 years. I could say that the success of this service (TrueDigital Communication) is the result of our hard work between our TrueID and the CONTUS TECH Team.”

Rattamont Teekavanich 

Senior Product Owner at True Digital Group

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